How to comprehend the human’s destiny?

Today I would like to talk about how to learn about the critical question, “the human’s destiny”, basically the human’s destiny is being shaped from the unrelenting commitment because every commitment will lead every human being to the new faith and new destiny, human being is created in this world because they will bear mission and responsibility, we can call mission is “faith and destiny”, as human being, we must acknowledge they are part of GOD’s best creation in this universe, so we just need to play the game of life.

Every commitment will change everything and it will influence the future to determine what exactly of lifestyle human being want, make clarity to the human mindset is the only way how to determine outcome and determine the next action they follow in the future, having clarity of thoughts will help human being to distinguish between the human’s desire and the human’s destiny, we must remember that desire has no self-control and has no measurable plan, the desire is blind and not know how to lead human’s mind to the bright future, it’s not good idea to follow the desire because it will create confusion and desperation, besides that, the human’s destiny will be created by taking the strongest reason and the clearest commitment from human’s decision.

Being dedicated person is one of evidence that human will comprehend and shape their future’s time, there’s another sensible ways to know about destiny, making clearest one purpose is representing the faith and it has inner power to gain the human’s potential energy, faith is the real power and it has guidance to lead human to the right place to make creativity, otherwise when human being don’t want to obtain the power of faith, they will do something dangerous, so making one clearest purpose is better than making many of jobs in this life, remember this note; we are trained to take as much as responsibility in order to get value, we are not trained to accept the opportunity because our products are commitment.                                                


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