Son becomes father and father becomes son

Today I would like to talk about the derivative characteristic between son and father, if we look at their behavior, they always behave like twin people, and they don’t want to lose the good moment although they have a different busy activity, what we can learn from them is they are like teacher and student, they are learning one another, starting from attitude, curiosity, discuss, expressing, etc.

Father is the main backbone of family, he is leader among every aspect of family affair, but he can’t be a good leader when he doesn’t care so much about the responsibility he bear, father must learn something from his family member although father looks powerful and stronger than his family member, father can’t be judged as good father when he wouldn’t try to comprehend what his children’s wishing.

Father must become a good sample for his family member because all of family member will follow what’s father behaves about something, all family’s decision are coming from the father’s final decision and also father must become an executor for keeping the family’s welfare, father must possess the wise man’s characteristic who has an authority to shape his family member to become good follower, besides that father must become a great motivator and a great listener because that’s characteristic will help him to overcome seemingly ghastly problem in the family’s affair such as economy dispute, school payment, daily needs, etc.

Here’s the important thing; every father’s decision will be proclaimed by his children and children will start to behave like father in public area , and every father’s bad habit will be descending to his children’s habit unknowingly, becoming a good father is like electricity’s programming system, it will transmit the energy and also it will give a supply to subsidiary’s electricity mini circuit breaker, Mini Circuit Breaker is like the family member, when the main system’s characteristic is irreplaceable, all subsidiary electric’s station in the city will rely on it, otherwise when main system is outdated, it can’t supply everything valuable.

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