What causes someone has to feel pain?

Today I would like to talk about the topic “what causes someone has to feel pain?” we all know that nobody wants to feel pain because they think the pain can destroy someone’s dream and someone’s hope, but there’s something else behind the purpose of pain, the pain is not designed by Almighty GOD to destroy the human’s peacefully heart but the pain is designed to be self-protector, means the pain will convert into limitation, limitation will influence human being to stay back from the limitation.

The pain can become a teacher when we think pain is making us stronger than we were at yesterday, otherwise the pain can become a beast when we think pain is blockading between the purpose and our journey, so all pain is not always coming as enemy, pain is just symbol of the strongest shield which is living in the human’s brain, it’s indestructible, they only could be understood by activating the critical mind, and we need to thicken our skin to reduce the side effect from the human’s severe another pain.
plan to create future and retirement from the pain

Worry and doubt are part of pain, both of them can transform into the human’s internal pain, the internal pain is taking long time to be healed because it’s concerned with the human’s emotional pain, it can’t be healed by taking physical medicine, it only can be distracted by the human’s power of focus, so we need huge power to attack the symptom of internal before it will set the setback, we need to train our mindset by doing something useful, so at least the result will influence us to forget something about the past’s momentum, the worst pain condition will approach to us when we don’t finish any activity or doing something that we actually can do it, the pain can’t be attacked by the pain or feeling of anger, the pain can be reduced by the greatest reason and that reason will make us forget about the pain and it will help us to create future. 

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