Why we are not allowed to avoid mistake?

Today in this article I would like to talk about reason why we are not allowed to avoid mistake because mistake is part of education, nobody can be called as success when they will not learn from mistake, so the main point from my statement is we can’t become something different when we will not learn from the mistake, we will become empty street when avoid mistake.

You can look at the empty street, nobody will dare to pass the empty street because it doesn’t offer secure and it will offer dangerous thing, so the lesson from the empty street; there is no facility, it definitely there is no offering in there, when there is nobody will be there, it definitely there is no transaction, when there is no transaction, it means the hopelessness will attack to every people who have personal happiness program in their life, No success means No study, No study means No progress, No progress means No experience, No experience means No making mistake, No mistake means No relentless imagination, it likes the empty street on the graveyard, Nobody wants to walk on it because it doesn’t offer anything good at all.

 What about if we compare about the crowded street, when the crowded people are willingly to pass through to the crowded street, they are walking urgently because the crowded street is very important, although the crowded street will offer the limitation to the people, the people will ignore it because they think the crowded street has offered good service, no matter how expensive the taxes price for the good service, the people keep struggling and competing to pass through the crowded street.

Sometimes we need to push ourselves to expand our limitation in order to offer something benefit to other people, we need the strong reason in order to make a lot of progress through by making mistake in order to make the reason will be accepted by most people, that’s the key to make the everlasting success, we don’t know what will happen in the future, nobody knows the momentum tomorrow, there is no way to know it except we make new mistake by discovering it.

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