How to identify mental level

Today I would like to talk about the mental level and how to identify mental level from our mindset which it needs the source of data to confirm everything to see, everything to hear, everything to read and everything to feel, without resource of data, all human being are like a machine where they can’t choose the dream and can't choose the best thing what they want to become in the future’s time, in order to know how good our mentality, we need to make an artificial intelligence program, and put them into our decisiveness.
decisiveness is part of mental power

 The artificial intelligence program is kind of program where it is built to defeat the human’s incomplete personality and enhance human's personality, but not all human being will understand this symptom because most of them like to prioritize their emotional feeling rather than applying the artificial intelligence program, we can’t defeat the human intellectual intelligent because it’s embedded into human’s mindset, we are allowed to make a deal with the personal intellectual intelligence by learning new thing to defeat the human’s inefficiency habit such as feeling anxiety and afraid to accept a new change.

   If we want to upgrade our mentality level, we need to disband our fear, then disband our anxiety feeling and we immediately start to use the sensible idea to take the great mission we want to finish and execute one clear goal to unlearn the inefficiency thing within our habit, the greatest idea is not coming from the option we take, but idea is coming from our greatest mistake we have ever made in our time being, please remember; without making a new mistake, there’s no making progress, that’s prerequisite of mentality program.
Creativity is part of evidence you enhance your mental power

We all know most people just want to take ordinary job because they always think they can to resolve and get an appreciation from the company they work, the reason why they choose because they are afraid to take an opportunity, on the other hand very few people are able to choose great mission because they don’t know how to accomplish, the reason why very few people take a great mission because they want to identify how strong their mentality to resolve a great mission.
identify mental power

Here is another clue how to identify a mentality power is having endurance to accomplish the great mission without being paid at the first time, or you take an extremely hobby such as hiking a trip, diving in the sea, adventure in the forest, if you can be a good example like that, your masterpiece will be missed as many as people, hopefully after reading this article you can start to train your ability by strengthening your mentality power, please remember this note; strengthen the mentality power is more important rather than strengthen the physical body because mentality power is not easy to get tired and it can produce the ultimate idea to resolve a big pressing problem otherwise the physical body has limit and easy to get tired.

How to be an attractive person

Today I would like to talk about how to become the attractive person where he is doing something useful in his tough times to find answer and truthfulness, besides that he neglects the fixed mindset, the main reason why he behaves such thing because the attractive person will not do for many purposes, he will deepen one thing until he flourishes something, the attractive person just stays focus on the clear reason and the specific goal, please remember; staying focus for one goal is better than staying focus on many goals, little by little we start to understand why many people are going to fail by its default, because they never set a clearest goal in the rest of their life.

We must understand the human’s mindset have great muscles within, the human’s mentality will work rapidly when we train it by doing something difficult at the first time, please take a note; doing something difficult doesn’t mean we are going to plan in order to get failure in our career, but that’s part of life system, a difficult thing is part of ignorance habit, so we need to unlearn that bad habit and start to collect some data to ascertain whether our action are relevant or not.
being attractive is keep running on the different stage

Now there’s one way how to become attractive person is preparing our best preparation in order to attract the great people around us, remember, it doesn’t matter whether you are smart or not, no matter whether you are rich people or not, whether you have a lot heritage or not, to become an attractive person, you don’t need a lot of outer appearance to wear, all you need to prepare now is upgrading the knowledge by collecting some information where most people need it so bad and then you improve the attitude, please take it note; the material wealth doesn’t help you to become an attractive person and the material wealth is just symbol that you were doing something for getting a lot of interest in the short term.

Becoming attractive person doesn’t need one day to improve everything, but we only need some rituals to discipline our body and our soul for everlasting purpose, there’s no meaning to become attractive person when we always consider our action is always righteous rather than other people around us, please remember; the truly attractive person doesn’t persuade other people to follow our path, but the truly attractive person leads other people how to think better until they become the resourceful and build the qualified mission.

Heart is having the power of tree

Today I would like to talk about the new terminology you may have never heard before, this topic is talking about "heart is having the power of tree", it has outnumbered power where it grows faster like a tree's branch, the heart will do something when it touches the happiness, heart will sacrifice something valuable and heart only needs one command from the brain to execute, once we say “revolution”, It means big changes, it will let us know something benefit about truthfulness, heart will produce the simultaneous interpreting power to evoke human mindset to create love, hope and passion to execute the mission.

 Remember; we can’t request heart to love something that we are not attracted with something, our energy will be stuck to the unknown object where we don’t want to make it happen, in order to make the heart will work for us, we must understand about the function of power of heart first, heart will not betray the human’s command  as long as we don’t make a destruction to our personality or we don’t break the nature’s rule, heart will determine the outcome when you have good characteristic within yours, heart only needs human’s good characteristic to guarantee your power of heart to support you until you can accomplish the mission, in addition heart also will receive greater responsibility for accepting the next mission after you accomplish the previous one, the power of heart will keep you younger than anyone else does about the mission.

When we don’t use the power of heart, we will get lost the meaning of life and we will become robotic machine for our rest of life, that is really painful, the heart is created by almighty GOD (Allah) to reveal the truthfulness, learning about the justice, learning about hope, and seeking the information how to activate the unlimited wealth within subconscious mind, the power of unlimited wealth is not designed to make destruction, but it’s designed to make the human being gets a better life, keep surviving in any place on earth.

The heart will start to say lie to us when we accustom ourselves to betray the life system, the meaning of betray the life system is neglecting the change, withhold the truthfulness from the reality, and prefer to live freedom without take the responsibility, to live peacefully in this world doesn’t mean we will do everything without taking risk, everything exist what we do now will be calculated by the time being and the result of it will be used to value about what we do whether we will get a reward or punishment. Here is the clue how to identify our personality; learn from the tree’s branch, it keeps tracking the information in order to get resources in the ground.

Be mindful with the game you are playing

Today I would like to talk about caution with the life game you are playing with, because when you start something, you have to end something before we lose our time being, if we review a bit about the game, every game is designed to make you become a believer that you are doing right and it will keep you doing that no matter what it takes, the game will not stop until you fulfill all of series, this life also has rule, when you do something, it definitely has sued you with responsibility, you can’t escape from that rule because you are playing with the game’s rule.

We will not know when we can finish the game until we consistently doing what we believe is right, the meaning of game I mentioned earlier at the title of article above is talking about obsession and career, most people believe the career can be learned when we stay focus with the prerequisite and learn the risk proposition, yes, I agree with that, but you must remember this note; the more risk you take, the more wise you are dealing with problem, when you play with the game, you must know that you have sacrificed about the time and opportunity in order to evolve your career, a good luck will not return to you once you failed to strive it, beside that you have to prioritize about the human’s right when you want to play the game for longer time, but unfortunately not at all people want to take challenge because they are too cautious and worry about the lack of resources like a money, good stuff ,etc.

My advice to them is, you may have obsession and pursue the career, but you have to measure how much progress and benefit you can learn from it, in order to pursue the career, we are not allowed to deal with the money first because money just keep you smallest satisfaction and money will keep you away from the recognition, beside that you may lose an ability to handle pressure if you prioritize the money first.

Before we play with the game, we must match our obsession with the title of game we are playing with, we can’t just repent once we had finished that game in the end journey, it’s useless and helpless, we must check the title of game first because it sometimes can teach you how to become wise man and sometimes it can teach you how to become a desperate person.

How to lure a chance?

Today I would like to talk about how to lure a chance, many people in the world are trying to compete each other to lure a chance from the unconditional job they take, almost every day they struggle to get a chance, and the question is “why they still don’t get a chance?” where is their biggest mistake?”. First thing I would mention their biggest mistake are waiting something uncertainty, the reason why I say that because a chance lies in the uncertainty area, every chance always lies out of human’s reach, so we must be wise during detecting very rare chance.

We must maintain and activate the power of justice and we have to make the best preparation to welcome a chance, here is the basic rule “a chance will come to the human being who is willingly to accept the risk and a man who will learn a new thing from the object”, “so we must admit a chance will not come to the people who don’t want to escape from the perfection ideology”, basically people who do against the new ideology, they will never get a chance, even though they can see around, even though they can hear around, even though they can feel around, in the result they set their five sense go blindness.

The simple rule how to attract a new chance is “we must be bravery to welcome a chance although we are not ready to get the answer” so being stupid man and behave bravery to take a chance is better than being smart person but he refuses to accept a chance, a chance is like prey, in order to get it, we must prepare the our mentality, willingly to accept failure, stay focus and be patient during waiting the momentum of catch on.

When we want to attract a chance, we must become an attractive person so that we can hold a meeting with it, when we want to draw the people’s contribution, we must fulfill what they need at the first time, that is method how to lure a chance, the purpose to lure a chance is collecting some data, without enough data, we will lose bravery, hopefully this article will help you how to lure a chance.

Don’t start when you don’t want to finish

Today I would like to discuss about advice “don’t start when you don’t want to finish” this advice means, when you are not seriously to do new thing in order to upgrade your career, don’t create something which can destroy your reputation because you will lose the momentum of revolution,  I am sure every human being wants to get better life, they will do anything to make best preparation, beside that they will sacrifice their valuable time to break down their fearfulness and start to hunt their dreams.

Most of us want to start something great mission in the beginning stage but in the end line they forget how to finish the mission, that’s main cause is human’s satisfaction has already connected with how much interest or money they will get in short term plan, here is the bad news, when people are doing the regular job without making different standard, their career will be stuck to the same line and they will live together with their empty passion.

The empty passion will destroy the human mindset until they will believe with the fake system, If we let this symptom going by its self-naturally, many people will live into despair, in addition, there will be crisis of human’s resourcefulness which may attack human’s creativity and lock them into the remote area, inside the area there’s no hope and there’s no exit strategy within parameter area, finally human will destroy their immune response unwittingly.

The key how to destroy this habit is learning about the risky job, learning how to handle the risky job and make the risky job as your ultimate mission in the rest of your life, that’s new habit will guarantee you how to grow your mature faster than anyone who usually does the regular job, the regular job is making people do make a sense job and avoid the miracle job, that’s the ultimate mistake which alter them to be follower, not becoming revolutionary leader, Almighty God (Allah) knows what the best job the human will do and the almighty GOD will recruit people who have special ability and believe with people who are willingly to take miracle job, not taking regular job, when you take miracle job, you keep doing and pursuing that one, your miracle job will elevate your career, please start the miracle job and finish it for making better world, my advice to you is starting the job where you can’t finish because our job basically is starting the job, not finishing the one, because when you can’t finish the job, but you insist to start it, you will get the great value and blessing from that action.


How to stop expecting from human's expectation

Dream World

Today I would like to talk how to stop expecting from the human’s expectation, in the modern civilization, many people are living by risking their life to make big hope and put them to the other people’s capacity, the main reason why they keep doing that because they think only human can change the bad situation which may occur several times, that’s expectation in dream world. Human often forget that every life has a unique system which is not being recognized by most human being, we can call it as the future’s time, future is part of hope and hope doesn’t happen in today’s time and hope doesn’t repeat in one day, hope will happen when there is enough preparation to sustain a hope.

Let we talk a bit about the future’s time for moment, the future’s time is mystery, in order to arrive into the uncertain area, we need to search something valuable continuously in order to prove whether the uncertain area is still exist or not, the only thing we can do to comprehend the uncertain area is boosting our conviction to collect some information and keep walking on the path until the time comes to answer our conviction. Seeking a hope and promise can’t be done in overnight because they can’t be accomplished in one time, hope and promise need the accumulation of time to leave the past and need some more time to stand in our side, the conviction is nothing beneficial not until it will be filled with strong commitment to pick up a hope,
second chance is hope and use first chance wisely to pick second chance

Hope will be alive and grows when we keep searching the information in order to complete the prerequisite,  hope is like mission in this life, without mission, our life will be meaningful and our life will be filled by the desperation, what’s mission? First thing we must do is finding the truthfulness, and having the insatiable curiosity to prove what we believe with our conviction,

There is another problem which may reoccur all the time, we can call it as “hope in the darkness”, meaning human being will lose their value because of their ignorance dominates their fearfulness, when the ignorance has dominated the darkness is part of ignorance, human will see into the darkness, means they can see but they can’t realize something bigger around us, please remember this quote; hope is representing the infinite power, representing the meaningful clue, get enlightenment, and also hope is answering the truth, without adhering hope in our life, everything is this life is going to be same, we will be mediocre , insanity and we will go to dark age where there’s no revelation and we are stuck to the emptiness for everlasting, that’s very dangerous thing, how to stay away from the human’s promise is making self-commitment to prove your conviction.

The deep sea equals to the philosophy

Today I would like to talk about the deep sea, this topic is one of my favorite idea because we will see the difference between the qualified person’s standard with the unproductive person’s standard, let me explain it at this moment, in order to become the unproductive person, many people are struggling to change their destiny in order to get a light from this life, the deep sea is telling to the human being how to get a light and key how to change the human’s destiny and the deep sea is representing the new way how to make journey in this life, I hope this article will help you how to get a light from this life and you can get out of the darkness from this life as soon as possible.

I will give you the description for making you easy to understand how to understand philosophy throughout the deep sea, in this life we can’t change the structure of life system except we make a change in our capacity by breaking our limitation and push our limitless power to accept a mission, when people want to start learning how to see the deep sea, they will think “Oh no, this sea is deep, how can I see the inside, I can’t swim and I will drown from it, I hate it so much”, at that time they start to refuse a change and accept the limited mindset, the dangerous thing is when they keep behaving like that, finally they become the unproductive person and become a junk stuff because they break system of hope.

If you are an extraordinary human being, your subconscious mind will tell you how to break the fear and you will live together with the infinite power, now I will give you example how to differentiate between the fixed mindset and growth mindset, if you have growth mindset, you will think of yourself “I know this sea is deep, I will drown because I can’t dive, first of all I need to learn how to dive in by seeking someone who can dive, second thing is, I would like to study how to swim, how to take breathe and how to use the diving apparatus, third thing is I will wear the diving apparatus and try to swim in the narrow sea area until I can dive into the deep sea”

This mindset abovementioned will help you how to overcome the problem until you will no longer need any other limitation because you already found the resourcefulness within your growth mindset, here is the good news, when you study about the deep sea’s philosophy, you will be different guy rather than thousand people’s mindset because you detect the infinite power, you will not blame about life, you will accept the reality even though you dislike it, you will have strong mentality because you keep learning about your potential and your life experience will find away how to form a new destiny for your future, once you keep this habit, finally you will become prosperous and happily ever after.

How to know my principles is wrong?

Today I would like to talk how to know my principle is wrong, this topic is very difficult to be comprehended, but now I would like to invite you to observe something we had done long time ago in the past time and compare with something we have done recently, whether any progress or any different between your obsession with your capacity, we will not know what will happen in the future short time till we know exactly about the mistake we have learned.

The wrong principle is not making you how to become a wrong person for everlasting, but it will elevate your life mission until you know about yourself and know about your purpose, the wrong principle is always stopping you from making a progress and keeping you away from the truth, if you feel unmotivated, if you feel doomed, if you are treated like a dead person in every single day, if you feel your life career is stuck in the same level and going to backward, that’s sign your principle is wrong. Please be mindful with your responsibility because only the man who keeps wrong principle where he can’t see any clear hope, and his heart is going to be filled with full of hatred.

Sometimes we need to bear earning the thousands of mistakes before we get one truth, to acknowledge good principle within our life, we need to compare between our last accomplished achievement with our best mistake we have ever made, our principle can be compromised when we see the world in the eye of depression, the age of principle is only 1 time, it needs couple of years to improve to represent who you are.
the greatest value

So please don’t underestimate with this condition because it’s very crucial, the main reason why we can’t evolve our career because we like to magnify our feeling of proud and stop making different mistake in the future, please remember this note; our principle will not change when we are not having huge eagerness to unlearn the bad habit, our life will not change significantly if we run our rest of life for chasing the material wealth only.

How to build the justice mentality?

Today I would like to share how to build the justice mentality, justice mentality is one of basic learning how to discipline between desire and clear purpose, we must realize about the personal life mission and what we are going to do with the life mission in this universe, basically I want to invite you to discuss about the justice because this power is crucial,  before we walk further in our life path, we must learn how to determine about the ultimate human resources first, if we can interpret it, we will know about the truth, the ultimate human resources means something valuable in human’s capacity which can’t be bought by the material wealth.

 we can’t make better attempt when we lose the power of justice, because that’s rule how to dominate the world, I give you the example; I want to higher my life standard in Japan but I am unable how to earn much money during dwelling in there, I want to get the revelation but I don’t seek the information, that’s injustice characteristic and prejudice action, before we start expecting something valuable in this life, we must fulfill the prerequisite at the first time, that’s secret how to get better life and change the future, prerequisite in this life such as justice, responsibility, integrity, qualified and care, if you ask me how to build justice mentality, you must possess the insatiable curiosity how to make better world by using your creation for other people who can't get the better living and they can't pay you back.

As we know that everybody wants to rich and prosperous but most of them risks their cost of living before they are fulfilling the requirement, the main reason why they keep doing it because they don’t want to fulfill the prerequisite and they just want to skip the prerequisite process, in fact every single of prerequisite is the guarantee to get prosperity.

 The world will abandon us when we don’t want to maintain our power of justice, please remember this note; the justice is an optional, it can’t be waited, it doesn’t appear, it will not inform you how to behave, the justice is always recruiting people who don’t want to stop evolving and the justice doesn’t like to wait human who wants to wait something indefinite.

 To collect the power of justice is not easy because it takes couple of years to accustom with human’s life principal, the power of justice needs people who always feel urged and push their limitation to evolve until they no longer need the limitation, the human’s limitation is defined by time, knowledge, material wealth and physical body, whereas the justice only can be built by activating the unlimited resources, such as imagination, conviction, justice, subconscious mind, perseverance, integrity, love and hope.

How to build the strong mentality?

Today I would like to talk about how to build strong mentality, when we were child, we have never known about mentality, we only think mentality is just believing about the possibility of being different person in every day, we can’t put the right mind thinking in one step, we need thousands of steps in order to make self-improvement by building strong mentality and also to make momentum to ensure how long we can stand against the suffering.
Find the different you is one of method how to build mentality

Building strong mentality can’t be started by giving the basic training to every single person in the school or in the library, but strong mentality can be started by the person who has the insatiable curiosity and take the glorious job, the glorious job means kind of job which has been taken by the dedicated person who will empower all mankind, when we want to build strong mentality in the behalf of the career, we can’t just rely on the public facility program or rely on the society community’s help, we only need preparation, retention and repetition (PRR) in the busy weekdays. Please remember this note; the strong mentality can’t be built by doing the ordinary job, but it’s can be built by doing the one small step which is causing the big impact in the future, besides that the strong mentality often sues humans being to build a good reputation in the beginning of journey.

The strong mentality can’t be completed by having the bad attitude and having the bad habit, we can’t get the strong mentality unless we create something that it can’t be bought by money or the material wealth, focus on the specified area you want to build. Otherwise we will get failed easily when there’s no contingency plan and artificial emergency within our daily activity.

The strong mentality can be built by doing something different in every day where there’s no one else will accomplish it, instead we choose to start something we have never done before, please remember; the difficult and easy job are containing into the relative term, only the dedicated person will do something difficult when other people think they can’t. When someone think he can’t deal with difficult job, he prefers to say the incantation “I can’t deal because it is out of my capacity”, rather than saying “I will make new history at my first chance in my life”, remember this note; strong mentality doesn’t require your completed preparation, but it really requires your eagerness in making the revolution, all genesis of success depend on the meaningful data we have stored in our mindset from the past until now, if there’s no data, it definitely lead human being to do nothing meaningful, so in order to match with our expectation, we must search something in order to find our greatest legacy.

How to finish the impossible mission?

Today I would like to talk about the how to finish the impossible mission, when you hear about this topic at this time, I am sure you may seem unmotivated, tired, anxious about it, the reason why you feel the unproductive feeling because you deliberately to raise it to your habit and you feel comfortable with your fixed mindset, so the problem is not coming from the object, but our decision is not intended to evolve, actually the impossible mission can be completed as long as we make long term plan period and do what you can’t do in the short time period in every single day, that is part of making big revolution to accomplish the impossible mission.

 We can’t behave such as the blinded person’s habit, means they can actually see the object but they don’t learn something from what they see around, the impossible mission is not part of menace, the impossible is created in order to know how to measure the significant value within our life experience, please remember this note; the impossible mission is going to keep us stay away from the unproductive activity and keep us away from the desperation of life. How to finish the impossible mission is depending on what we intend to do and where we want to go, so basically normal life always gives us with the normal proposition where there is no opportunity alive.

Enlightening the opportunity equals with building the trust, when someone can’t build a trust for everybody, he never return to the new hope and he will return to the darkness automatically, building a hope can’t rely on the humans contribution, but building a hope only can be achieved by being the greatest contributor where you can serve your best creation to other people whom they never meet with the contributor.

We will never finish the impossible mission when there is no recognition within our subconscious mind, if someone wants to make better life, better future and the better vision, they must build a new shelter and build a new home for as many as people  , so all our creation will be perish when we just focus to enrich our interest only, so we must make the strongest connection between your creation with other human being who live in the world, the impossible mission can be done by taking the long term plan, self-commitment, always have the insatiable curiosity to solve big pressing problem  and live responsibly with courage.