Be mindful with the game you are playing

Today I would like to talk about caution with the life game you are playing with, because when you start something, you have to end something before we lose our time being, if we review a bit about the game, every game is designed to make you become a believer that you are doing right and it will keep you doing that no matter what it takes, the game will not stop until you fulfill all of series, this life also has rule, when you do something, it definitely has sued you with responsibility, you can’t escape from that rule because you are playing with the game’s rule.

We will not know when we can finish the game until we consistently doing what we believe is right, the meaning of game I mentioned earlier at the title of article above is talking about obsession and career, most people believe the career can be learned when we stay focus with the prerequisite and learn the risk proposition, yes, I agree with that, but you must remember this note; the more risk you take, the more wise you are dealing with problem, when you play with the game, you must know that you have sacrificed about the time and opportunity in order to evolve your career, a good luck will not return to you once you failed to strive it, beside that you have to prioritize about the human’s right when you want to play the game for longer time, but unfortunately not at all people want to take challenge because they are too cautious and worry about the lack of resources like a money, good stuff ,etc.

My advice to them is, you may have obsession and pursue the career, but you have to measure how much progress and benefit you can learn from it, in order to pursue the career, we are not allowed to deal with the money first because money just keep you smallest satisfaction and money will keep you away from the recognition, beside that you may lose an ability to handle pressure if you prioritize the money first.

Before we play with the game, we must match our obsession with the title of game we are playing with, we can’t just repent once we had finished that game in the end journey, it’s useless and helpless, we must check the title of game first because it sometimes can teach you how to become wise man and sometimes it can teach you how to become a desperate person.


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