Becoming a doer rather than hearer

Today I would like to talk about how to become a real doer rather than real hearer, in this world there are many people are trying to compete with other people in order they get the recognition and acknowledge to build a career, based on statistic data very few people become a doer because they can’t trust with that dream, furthermore they just believe with short term plan where they can get a short plan benefits for fulfilling their satisfaction.

Becoming a doer is very attractive because you can attract greatest resources from other people who possess a higher standard, when there’s someone will try to take action in the tough times, there are many benefits will be offered to him, person who wants to take action rather than being hearer, the first benefit is he will get a feedback, you must take a note; the greatest information is coming from a feedback, without a feedback definitely without take action, that is the greatest information where not everyone will get it in their whole life, feedback is a clue, new mistake is part of feedback, the reason why feedback is very important because every human's action will lead to the new direction and new direction will be valued as one step closer to the goal.

Making a new strategy is not enough to become doer, we need to make new mistake in order to get truthfulness for correcting our mistakes in our whole life, here is the important clue; when you think you are always feeling a correct all the time, you can’t use your resourcefulness because truthfulness is located in one thousands of mistakes, in addition you will never get a new information except you have tried a new mistake, this life is going to be fair when you justify yourself with the new circumstance, you will not get the miracle until you have committed to produce a new mistake in order to get truthfulness.

In order to start a new beginning of life, you must end the previous journey you had taken beforehand that’s prerequisite of life, you must decide the agreement whether you want to get a new chance or you are staying backward all day long with your comfort zone. So basically we can’t go anywhere except we have to change our principle and we have a willingness to learn about the philosophy, to become a doer, we need to see the differences between our last job with the new dream you want to progress it, we can’t stay in one life by taking one job for our maintaining our happiness because making progress equals happiness, when we can’t buy a happiness, we will go into despair automatically.


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