Don’t just rely on one rope with loose end

Today I would like to talk how to understand about the trust, we can’t make a deal with something that can’t be trusted, if we realize the trust is everything beneficial, that means we can’t put the trust to mysterious person who can’t give the little accomplishment or giving the strong dedication to us, the one point we should learn from the trustworthy people is when they have nothing left in their pocket money, they start to give something beneficial to other people no matter what happen.

One rope with loose end seems like person who can’t trust to himself and also he can’t visualize about the kind of mission he is doing with, when someone has put his trust to the one rope with loose end, he will engage the fear, that feeling will torture his hope all the time until he can’t differentiate between the right or wrong in the end of history, the most terrible thing in this life is when people don’t know what kind of sacrifice they make for, please remember this note; when we don’t know about the type of sacrifice, we will burn out the hope until we no longer recognize about our decision and we will end our life like an option whether it’s no longer lived.

Hope is describing about the limitless or endless, the key how to disclose about meaning of life is we must keep searching the information about nature’s philosophy, the more deep we search for it, the more realize we find about the mission in this life, the mission of life is keeping of charity, not demanding about something where it doesn’t exist before hand,  the only thing we can do in this world is stop making destruction, keep doing charity and stay in peace, means we don’t not create the conflict, we do not start the war, stop making exasperation to someone else or other people who join in the community, living side by side like a pigeon.