Don’t let the same flame burns you out

Today I would like to talk about the chance and repent, as we know that every moment in this life will push every human being to take responsibility, and no one can escape from it as long as they live on earth, some people believe one thing can change this life treatment by listening the motivational world carefully and implement the purpose, but they prefer to see their expectation to be burned by their procrastination.

I am sure many people don’t want to engage the procrastination, but in  reality many people seem like to enjoy it whatever the situation, the first reason why people enter into procrastination stage because they are not eager so much about what next mission they need to fulfill and they are not having insatiable curiosity about the future’s life, the second reason is most people don’t want to create the artificial urgently mission in their life, so in daily life their mindset’s data motivates people to engage procrastination, they proclaim the freedom is something can drive people to the limitless journey, also it will seduce people go to anywhere place without any interruption.

The freedom can’t live in this world alone without adhering the wisdom, when we don’t create wisdom, the freedom becomes flame and it will burn our hope, here I would like to remind you, no one can block our journey except ourselves decision and all decisions are started from our conviction, without strong conviction, we will live into the other’s people’s wisdom, when we prefer to choose living together with other people’s wisdom, our conviction will ignite flame and burn our hope automatically, that is very dangerous thing, before we get into freedom and set goal, we must know about the type of mission and vision we really want to do in the long journey, don’t easy to be trapped by dogma because dogma becomes valid to the personal issue, we need to prove until we apply the ritual, and don’t let our wrong conviction will determine our happiness in the end journey because believing the wrong conviction can start desperation.