Don’t start when you don’t want to finish

Today I would like to discuss about advice “don’t start when you don’t want to finish” this advice means, when you are not seriously to do new thing in order to upgrade your career, don’t create something which can destroy your reputation because you will lose the momentum of revolution,  I am sure every human being wants to get better life, they will do anything to make best preparation, beside that they will sacrifice their valuable time to break down their fearfulness and start to hunt their dreams.

Most of us want to start something great mission in the beginning stage but in the end line they forget how to finish the mission, that’s main cause is human’s satisfaction has already connected with how much interest or money they will get in short term plan, here is the bad news, when people are doing the regular job without making different standard, their career will be stuck to the same line and they will live together with their empty passion.

The empty passion will destroy the human mindset until they will believe with the fake system, If we let this symptom going by its self-naturally, many people will live into despair, in addition, there will be crisis of human’s resourcefulness which may attack human’s creativity and lock them into the remote area, inside the area there’s no hope and there’s no exit strategy within parameter area, finally human will destroy their immune response unwittingly.

The key how to destroy this habit is learning about the risky job, learning how to handle the risky job and make the risky job as your ultimate mission in the rest of your life, that’s new habit will guarantee you how to grow your mature faster than anyone who usually does the regular job, the regular job is making people do make a sense job and avoid the miracle job, that’s the ultimate mistake which alter them to be follower, not becoming revolutionary leader, Almighty God (Allah) knows what the best job the human will do and the almighty GOD will recruit people who have special ability and believe with people who are willingly to take miracle job, not taking regular job, when you take miracle job, you keep doing and pursuing that one, your miracle job will elevate your career, please start the miracle job and finish it for making better world, my advice to you is starting the job where you can’t finish because our job basically is starting the job, not finishing the one, because when you can’t finish the job, but you insist to start it, you will get the great value and blessing from that action.



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