Heart is having the power of tree

Today I would like to talk about the new terminology you may have never heard before, this topic is talking about "heart is having the power of tree", it has outnumbered power where it grows faster like a tree's branch, the heart will do something when it touches the happiness, heart will sacrifice something valuable and heart only needs one command from the brain to execute, once we say “revolution”, It means big changes, it will let us know something benefit about truthfulness, heart will produce the simultaneous interpreting power to evoke human mindset to create love, hope and passion to execute the mission.

 Remember; we can’t request heart to love something that we are not attracted with something, our energy will be stuck to the unknown object where we don’t want to make it happen, in order to make the heart will work for us, we must understand about the function of power of heart first, heart will not betray the human’s command  as long as we don’t make a destruction to our personality or we don’t break the nature’s rule, heart will determine the outcome when you have good characteristic within yours, heart only needs human’s good characteristic to guarantee your power of heart to support you until you can accomplish the mission, in addition heart also will receive greater responsibility for accepting the next mission after you accomplish the previous one, the power of heart will keep you younger than anyone else does about the mission.

When we don’t use the power of heart, we will get lost the meaning of life and we will become robotic machine for our rest of life, that is really painful, the heart is created by almighty GOD (Allah) to reveal the truthfulness, learning about the justice, learning about hope, and seeking the information how to activate the unlimited wealth within subconscious mind, the power of unlimited wealth is not designed to make destruction, but it’s designed to make the human being gets a better life, keep surviving in any place on earth.

The heart will start to say lie to us when we accustom ourselves to betray the life system, the meaning of betray the life system is neglecting the change, withhold the truthfulness from the reality, and prefer to live freedom without take the responsibility, to live peacefully in this world doesn’t mean we will do everything without taking risk, everything exist what we do now will be calculated by the time being and the result of it will be used to value about what we do whether we will get a reward or punishment. Here is the clue how to identify our personality; learn from the tree’s branch, it keeps tracking the information in order to get resources in the ground.


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