How to build the justice mentality?

Today I would like to share how to build the justice mentality, justice mentality is one of basic learning how to discipline between desire and clear purpose, we must realize about the personal life mission and what we are going to do with the life mission in this universe, basically I want to invite you to discuss about the justice because this power is crucial,  before we walk further in our life path, we must learn how to determine about the ultimate human resources first, if we can interpret it, we will know about the truth, the ultimate human resources means something valuable in human’s capacity which can’t be bought by the material wealth.

 we can’t make better attempt when we lose the power of justice, because that’s rule how to dominate the world, I give you the example; I want to higher my life standard in Japan but I am unable how to earn much money during dwelling in there, I want to get the revelation but I don’t seek the information, that’s injustice characteristic and prejudice action, before we start expecting something valuable in this life, we must fulfill the prerequisite at the first time, that’s secret how to get better life and change the future, prerequisite in this life such as justice, responsibility, integrity, qualified and care, if you ask me how to build justice mentality, you must possess the insatiable curiosity how to make better world by using your creation for other people who can't get the better living and they can't pay you back.

As we know that everybody wants to rich and prosperous but most of them risks their cost of living before they are fulfilling the requirement, the main reason why they keep doing it because they don’t want to fulfill the prerequisite and they just want to skip the prerequisite process, in fact every single of prerequisite is the guarantee to get prosperity.

 The world will abandon us when we don’t want to maintain our power of justice, please remember this note; the justice is an optional, it can’t be waited, it doesn’t appear, it will not inform you how to behave, the justice is always recruiting people who don’t want to stop evolving and the justice doesn’t like to wait human who wants to wait something indefinite.

 To collect the power of justice is not easy because it takes couple of years to accustom with human’s life principal, the power of justice needs people who always feel urged and push their limitation to evolve until they no longer need the limitation, the human’s limitation is defined by time, knowledge, material wealth and physical body, whereas the justice only can be built by activating the unlimited resources, such as imagination, conviction, justice, subconscious mind, perseverance, integrity, love and hope.


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