How to build the strong mentality?

Today I would like to talk about how to build strong mentality, when we were child, we have never known about mentality, we only think mentality is just believing about the possibility of being different person in every day, we can’t put the right mind thinking in one step, we need thousands of steps in order to make self-improvement by building strong mentality and also to make momentum to ensure how long we can stand against the suffering.
Find the different you is one of method how to build mentality

Building strong mentality can’t be started by giving the basic training to every single person in the school or in the library, but strong mentality can be started by the person who has the insatiable curiosity and take the glorious job, the glorious job means kind of job which has been taken by the dedicated person who will empower all mankind, when we want to build strong mentality in the behalf of the career, we can’t just rely on the public facility program or rely on the society community’s help, we only need preparation, retention and repetition (PRR) in the busy weekdays. Please remember this note; the strong mentality can’t be built by doing the ordinary job, but it’s can be built by doing the one small step which is causing the big impact in the future, besides that the strong mentality often sues humans being to build a good reputation in the beginning of journey.

The strong mentality can’t be completed by having the bad attitude and having the bad habit, we can’t get the strong mentality unless we create something that it can’t be bought by money or the material wealth, focus on the specified area you want to build. Otherwise we will get failed easily when there’s no contingency plan and artificial emergency within our daily activity.

The strong mentality can be built by doing something different in every day where there’s no one else will accomplish it, instead we choose to start something we have never done before, please remember; the difficult and easy job are containing into the relative term, only the dedicated person will do something difficult when other people think they can’t. When someone think he can’t deal with difficult job, he prefers to say the incantation “I can’t deal because it is out of my capacity”, rather than saying “I will make new history at my first chance in my life”, remember this note; strong mentality doesn’t require your completed preparation, but it really requires your eagerness in making the revolution, all genesis of success depend on the meaningful data we have stored in our mindset from the past until now, if there’s no data, it definitely lead human being to do nothing meaningful, so in order to match with our expectation, we must search something in order to find our greatest legacy.


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