How to control the busy time schedule

Today I would like to talk about busy time schedule, everybody has a plan to build own career and perhaps they will get reward from what they spent the time for making the masterpiece, there are two ways how to differentiate between the busy time and the busy person, the busy time is always offering the human about the interest in the short time, whereas the busy person is spending a lot of time to build the trust and positive impact from the time sacrifice.

Unfortunately most people forget how to make something more efficient about the time, so they let the time run faster than their target, the main cause why they deliberately make it as they planned because they don’t how to differentiate between renewing about hope and renewing their strong conviction.

The busy people really don’t want to underestimate about the time because they know they can’t buy the time, besides that opportunity will fly over once the time goes by, so we can’t let hope and conviction are standing alone or we make them separated away and go turning to another direction, when the conviction is walking without adhering the hope, so the conviction will influence the human mindset to keep doing and busying until no more opportunity appears in them around, if we keep doing that habit,  the busy time schedule will be no meaningful because the human being lose the abundance of value from target.

the first thing we should do how to control the busy time schedule is renewing the daily target, meaning someone must finish one job and find another job in order to measure how long he can endure and keep good quality, the second thing we should do is consider the schedule as a must, emergency call, this artificial treatment will teach us how to finish the target before due date, the third thing we must do is delegating someone who we trust, that secret how to handle the busy time schedule, the main cause why someone often to lose the momentum of busy time during finishing the job because he doesn’t care about the time saving, and he thinks he can buy opportunity to finish one job, otherwise the busy time will let him alive as captive and time schedule will put them into corner with no mercy.

Remember this note; Keep wasting time by doing same level will teach human being how to feel free in the daily life by no attaining the responsibility, in the end of time, they will be pushed to accept the tragedy of life, more painful, spending more time without controlling the time schedule will teach someone to lose more time and increase the stress pressure in his working style, but unfortunately most people 98% in the world don’t realize it.


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