How to employ a good habit for us

            Today I would like to talk about how to employ a good habit, as we know that good habits means something powerful that it can be used for aiming the target, what is the feature? The first thing is the habit will let us feel motivated, full of passionate, the second thing is the habit keeps us walk to the right path, means we will not lose our faith during chasing the target. The second thing is good habit keeps protecting us from the possibility of dangerous thing which maybe happen.

            Many people sometimes don’t know how to make good habit until they unwittingly get employed by their habits, the main reason is they just enjoy the daily life without making difference between who they were in the past with passion they want to build in the future, we must create the ritual to ensure we make big difference in every single day, without making difference in time differential, we will get confused and feel anxious with all the time being.

            Remember this note, if we wait something greatness until we ready, we will live in the rest of our lives, finally we become a junk because we will not ready yet for completing our greatness, to live side by side with this universe, only thing we can do is pushing the unlimited wealth by making a good habit, implement it every day by resisting the bad habit, this universe always demands us to keep making difference although we are not ready. Sometimes we need to make an artificial emergency in this life, the reason is tomorrow is still mystery, we never know what will happen in the future whether we will get punishment because we did something wrong in the past or we will get a reward, although we are ready at present, by that not mean we are ready for tomorrow’s case.


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