How to identify mental level

Today I would like to talk about the mental level and how to identify mental level from our mindset which it needs the source of data to confirm everything to see, everything to hear, everything to read and everything to feel, without resource of data, all human being are like a machine where they can’t choose the dream and can't choose the best thing what they want to become in the future’s time, in order to know how good our mentality, we need to make an artificial intelligence program, and put them into our decisiveness.
decisiveness is part of mental power

 The artificial intelligence program is kind of program where it is built to defeat the human’s incomplete personality and enhance human's personality, but not all human being will understand this symptom because most of them like to prioritize their emotional feeling rather than applying the artificial intelligence program, we can’t defeat the human intellectual intelligent because it’s embedded into human’s mindset, we are allowed to make a deal with the personal intellectual intelligence by learning new thing to defeat the human’s inefficiency habit such as feeling anxiety and afraid to accept a new change.

   If we want to upgrade our mentality level, we need to disband our fear, then disband our anxiety feeling and we immediately start to use the sensible idea to take the great mission we want to finish and execute one clear goal to unlearn the inefficiency thing within our habit, the greatest idea is not coming from the option we take, but idea is coming from our greatest mistake we have ever made in our time being, please remember; without making a new mistake, there’s no making progress, that’s prerequisite of mentality program.
Creativity is part of evidence you enhance your mental power

We all know most people just want to take ordinary job because they always think they can to resolve and get an appreciation from the company they work, the reason why they choose because they are afraid to take an opportunity, on the other hand very few people are able to choose great mission because they don’t know how to accomplish, the reason why very few people take a great mission because they want to identify how strong their mentality to resolve a great mission.
identify mental power

Here is another clue how to identify a mentality power is having endurance to accomplish the great mission without being paid at the first time, or you take an extremely hobby such as hiking a trip, diving in the sea, adventure in the forest, if you can be a good example like that, your masterpiece will be missed as many as people, hopefully after reading this article you can start to train your ability by strengthening your mentality power, please remember this note; strengthen the mentality power is more important rather than strengthen the physical body because mentality power is not easy to get tired and it can produce the ultimate idea to resolve a big pressing problem otherwise the physical body has limit and easy to get tired.


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