How to know my principles is wrong?

Today I would like to talk how to know my principle is wrong, this topic is very difficult to be comprehended, but now I would like to invite you to observe something we had done long time ago in the past time and compare with something we have done recently, whether any progress or any different between your obsession with your capacity, we will not know what will happen in the future short time till we know exactly about the mistake we have learned.

The wrong principle is not making you how to become a wrong person for everlasting, but it will elevate your life mission until you know about yourself and know about your purpose, the wrong principle is always stopping you from making a progress and keeping you away from the truth, if you feel unmotivated, if you feel doomed, if you are treated like a dead person in every single day, if you feel your life career is stuck in the same level and going to backward, that’s sign your principle is wrong. Please be mindful with your responsibility because only the man who keeps wrong principle where he can’t see any clear hope, and his heart is going to be filled with full of hatred.

Sometimes we need to bear earning the thousands of mistakes before we get one truth, to acknowledge good principle within our life, we need to compare between our last accomplished achievement with our best mistake we have ever made, our principle can be compromised when we see the world in the eye of depression, the age of principle is only 1 time, it needs couple of years to improve to represent who you are.
the greatest value

So please don’t underestimate with this condition because it’s very crucial, the main reason why we can’t evolve our career because we like to magnify our feeling of proud and stop making different mistake in the future, please remember this note; our principle will not change when we are not having huge eagerness to unlearn the bad habit, our life will not change significantly if we run our rest of life for chasing the material wealth only.


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