How to know my speaking ways can enlighten to others

Today I would like to talk about how to know our speaking ways enlighten to others, during our adolescence began at 15 years old, we were educated by parents by how to follow the rule, when we disobey that rule, we will get punished from that, year by year we are educated to accept more punishment rather than learning about the enlightenment.

From that treatment's effect, we were far away from the life education and we can’t say about the truth, we were pushed to get linked with desperation rather than inspiration because our parents were not educated by their parents as well, since we were child, we were not being educated how to think about philosophy enlightenment, here is the main cause why we can’t speak the truth about life enlightenment.

The more we learn about the life’s enlightenment, the more we can accept about the life’s treatment, when we succeed to disclose about the life’s mystery, at that time we can make someone else feel enlightened by our speaking ways, the more we listened something different in every single day, the more opportunity door will open to us

In this modern area many ordinary people can’t speak meaningful and their speaking way don’t contain about the enlightenment words because they don’t realize how they face about life and how they endure about the responsibility, the second problem in the new century is many people were educated how to obey the human’s rule and they are not being taught how to learn the life’s wisdom, someone who prioritizes his time being for busying how to learn and collect about the life’s wisdom, so every word of his mouth will be meaningful and he will feel enlightened, it’s proven system.

Another clue: when someone starts to deep thinking about nature, the nature will help him to understand better and better, life will keep him away from the desperation as long as he follows the life regulation, good person can’t be valued from outside, but good person can be valued from his speaking ways. When we want to know whether our speaking way is giving enlightenment or not to other people, we must test our speaking way to the new person who we have never met before, let they give an opinion about ourselves.