How to lure a chance?

Today I would like to talk about how to lure a chance, many people in the world are trying to compete each other to lure a chance from the unconditional job they take, almost every day they struggle to get a chance, and the question is “why they still don’t get a chance?” where is their biggest mistake?”. First thing I would mention their biggest mistake are waiting something uncertainty, the reason why I say that because a chance lies in the uncertainty area, every chance always lies out of human’s reach, so we must be wise during detecting very rare chance.

We must maintain and activate the power of justice and we have to make the best preparation to welcome a chance, here is the basic rule “a chance will come to the human being who is willingly to accept the risk and a man who will learn a new thing from the object”, “so we must admit a chance will not come to the people who don’t want to escape from the perfection ideology”, basically people who do against the new ideology, they will never get a chance, even though they can see around, even though they can hear around, even though they can feel around, in the result they set their five sense go blindness.

The simple rule how to attract a new chance is “we must be bravery to welcome a chance although we are not ready to get the answer” so being stupid man and behave bravery to take a chance is better than being smart person but he refuses to accept a chance, a chance is like prey, in order to get it, we must prepare the our mentality, willingly to accept failure, stay focus and be patient during waiting the momentum of catch on.

When we want to attract a chance, we must become an attractive person so that we can hold a meeting with it, when we want to draw the people’s contribution, we must fulfill what they need at the first time, that is method how to lure a chance, the purpose to lure a chance is collecting some data, without enough data, we will lose bravery, hopefully this article will help you how to lure a chance.


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