How to make a friend with shark

Today I would like to talk about the topic “how to make a friend with shark”, it is just figure of speech, by attaining the topic “shark”, I just try to figure how can human being can make a friend with the strongest, most powerful and dangerous creature in the sea? It sounds impossible because human being and the shark are coming from the different living area.

My point of thinking is the impossible thing is happening and it will leave the track to the human mindset who can’t differentiate between the hope and the conviction, when we think the shark belongs to the dangerous creature and can’t bring something useful, indirectly we can’t accept the truth in life because we have never learned to accept about the new thing, even though the shark belongs to the dangerous creature in the sea, but it can differentiate between lovely habit and killing instinct.

The shark’s instinct will work when it will smell the blood’s long radius area and also it detects the warm blooded animals from faraway, so from the shark’s ability, we can learn something new from it, please look, the shark only prefer to swim to the underneath of surface sea with 300 meters depth or over, they know swimming in below 300 meters depth will kill them slowly because they can’t find or learn new thing in the shallow area.

They keep learning and moving from one area to another area where the location is more than 300 meters depth, in the reality, sometimes we are preceding our power of fear to block our future plan and we see around with the fear, in the final moment we always find the secure area, that’s reason we can’t evolve because our passion are killed slowly from within, other reason is we never try to deepen our curiosity to observe the new world or provide a better place for other people who want to empower your vision.

 You may know that the world is unstable place and precarious, everything we need in this world, we need to sacrifice our time being and create many setback, when we need to open the door of opportunity, we need to compel ourselves to find out the right key from the floor, the world is always demanding us to make best preparation and provide a good thing in every single day, no matter how great we are now, we are nothing when we don’t know about the future, so starting today if we want to make a friend with shark, we need to know where the shark’s location and learn how they swim in the deepest sea and how they start to survive the circumstance.


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