How to stop expecting from human's expectation

Dream World

Today I would like to talk how to stop expecting from the human’s expectation, in the modern civilization, many people are living by risking their life to make big hope and put them to the other people’s capacity, the main reason why they keep doing that because they think only human can change the bad situation which may occur several times, that’s expectation in dream world. Human often forget that every life has a unique system which is not being recognized by most human being, we can call it as the future’s time, future is part of hope and hope doesn’t happen in today’s time and hope doesn’t repeat in one day, hope will happen when there is enough preparation to sustain a hope.

Let we talk a bit about the future’s time for moment, the future’s time is mystery, in order to arrive into the uncertain area, we need to search something valuable continuously in order to prove whether the uncertain area is still exist or not, the only thing we can do to comprehend the uncertain area is boosting our conviction to collect some information and keep walking on the path until the time comes to answer our conviction. Seeking a hope and promise can’t be done in overnight because they can’t be accomplished in one time, hope and promise need the accumulation of time to leave the past and need some more time to stand in our side, the conviction is nothing beneficial not until it will be filled with strong commitment to pick up a hope,
second chance is hope and use first chance wisely to pick second chance

Hope will be alive and grows when we keep searching the information in order to complete the prerequisite,  hope is like mission in this life, without mission, our life will be meaningful and our life will be filled by the desperation, what’s mission? First thing we must do is finding the truthfulness, and having the insatiable curiosity to prove what we believe with our conviction,

There is another problem which may reoccur all the time, we can call it as “hope in the darkness”, meaning human being will lose their value because of their ignorance dominates their fearfulness, when the ignorance has dominated the darkness is part of ignorance, human will see into the darkness, means they can see but they can’t realize something bigger around us, please remember this quote; hope is representing the infinite power, representing the meaningful clue, get enlightenment, and also hope is answering the truth, without adhering hope in our life, everything is this life is going to be same, we will be mediocre , insanity and we will go to dark age where there’s no revelation and we are stuck to the emptiness for everlasting, that’s very dangerous thing, how to stay away from the human’s promise is making self-commitment to prove your conviction.


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