How to understand about success

Today I would like to talk about how to understand about success, success is just blind symbol which encourages us to keep doing something we will never know about the near future, success can’t seduce us with interesting method, success is keeping us to be productive worker in the same activity and same schedule, on the other hand we are impelled to do something consistently, we are forced to leave our masterpiece in order to make us recognize how big different we make it from the starting point until the end result.

Success always lets us to make the different mistake in every day without no purpose, also success is locking us like a prisoner in the jail, we can’t measure how many fails we earn it, but we only hope success is giving us the hint but in the reality, again and again success is giving nothing but it will step us when we do nothing, this problem like the endless.

as long as we live in this world, we will meet with the pain, suffering and the failure, only the mistake will guide us to move to the higher place until we know exactly what the main purpose to live in this world, we can’t understand about success until we live through with the purpose of making mistake, no one can achieve a little accomplishment when they are avoiding mistake and choose to stop giving a good service to people who can’t make little accomplishment, so, make different days by making little accomplishment, that’s secret how to fulfill a new career and begin to understand about success.
how to get the key of success is making the journey for other people to the better place

The wondrous accomplishment can’t be triumphed easily except someone desires to feel strange and be different person who is busy with artificial schedule and fill the day by making daily accomplishment which affects to many people, we must remember that people’s supports are part of great leverage, here is the law “no trust will be collected without attaching the contribution first”.


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