How to understand the unconnected psyche within our bodies?

Today I would like to talk how to understand the unconnected psyche within our bodies, every human has owned the authority to command themselves how to do something or how to determine something, the unconnected psyche is caused from something to nothing, meaning there’s internal voice message is trying to inform us how to act and how to improve the significant thing, but there’s something blockade our decision, we can call it as “the unconnected psyche”, it will happen when people’s mindset is not reliable with the target where it is heading down on the human’s life path.

The unconnected psyche causes the power of focus become disorder, when someone engages this condition, the end result will influence to the human’s job, we can’t leave this condition without having the solid reason, in every human’s body, they have two kind of soul’s characteristic and it usually impersonates becoming the teacher’s soul and student’s soul, the conscious mind’s command and the unconscious mind’s command will not shape together when there’s no the dissatisfied job to someone working with, also the passion will not emerge with the determination when they are having no specific idea how to make human being more efficient during mold something different rather than the ordinary people get to work?, when someone will do the dissatisfied job, his idea will not work meaningful, the main reason is because his teacher’s soul characteristic will not do that job, so the result will influence to the human’s psyche and the job will be futile and there’s no next job.

  So the human being need to classify about the job they are working with, without involving the certain drive in the human’s mindset, someone will get failed by adversity because self-control minded person can’t distribute the power of perseverance, the successful person is the man who can recalibrate his emotion intelligent and recognize the inner voice which is activating the powerful idea and determination to give the command to the external voice.
the unconnected psyche represents the suffering's artificial

             No one can stop someone’s mission in this world except his consciousness mind has made decision at the first time, the solid reason will push the human’s vision to describe the little mission in the future’s time, we can understand the future when we have succeeded to connect the unconnected psyche with the solid reason, the solid reason usually tells people how to feel the suffering’s artificial and how to endure the great responsibility whereas the ordinary reason usually tells about how to live together with the comfort zone.


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