How to use the limited resourcefulness

Today I would like to talk about how to use the limited resources within ourselves, we must believe that limited resources can be built an it will help human’s competence to evolve, at the first time we can’t recognize it, we feel tired, unmotivated and exile because the only individual can measure how far the limited resource can work.

Let we describe about the limited resourcefulness, the knowledge is part of limited resource, when we believe knowledge can help us to improve our ability, we must choose the specific knowledge in order to control unstable emotional feeling, knowledge will be useful when we can use for unstable emotional feeling, the purpose of knowledge is helping humane being to control unstable emotional intelligent to become stable.

The limited resourcefulness only can be recognized by individual person,  it can’t be represented by other people or family, the individual person must search the information in order to match between his greatest interest with his limited resourcefulness, that is method how to unlock new conviction for controlling the limited resourcefulness.

imagination is unlimited wealth

But we must remember train our imagination to create the knowledge because imagination is unlimited wealth, so it is important, when human being succeed to collect some information, once they will find new clue, they decipher the clue in order to store as data, so the limited resourcefulness depends on what are they seeking for, without enough data, we will unable to make creativity, We need make some rituals in order to help us stabilizing the maximum limited resourcefulness usage, new data can be collected from what we imagine about the future, but we must be careful at this stage because when we use the imagination, we talk and learn with the all universe, it’s too big to be imagined or daydreamed.