How to utilize the unlimited wealth

Today I would like to talk about how to utilize the unlimited wealth, as we know that everybody has the personal right to enter the unlimited wealth, everybody has been given the unlimited wealth by almighty GOD (Allah) since we were born in this world, in this point I would like to remind you that the unlimited wealth doesn’t belong the material wealth and also the unlimited wealth is preeminent rather than the material wealth because in order to earn the material world, we need to earn a lot about the unlimited wealth, that’s the prerequisite how to make a deal with the material wealth.

The material wealth is like learning about the new language we have learned beforehand, at the first time we feel unmotivated, confused, when we started we were felt like dumb ass, that is the life system, we were pushed to do against with ourselves, in order to master the new language, we need to make mistake a lot during practicing, keep persevering and being patient during collecting the information how to learn new language, being studious person and doing that habit consistently are key how to keep motivating our progress ahead.

To live together with the unlimited wealth, we are pushed to collect some information in order to get the recognition who we were and why we were born in this world. That is reason The Almighty GOD (ALLAH) has recruited us to become representative in this universe and become dedicated human being.

Before we will get the permission to unlock and activate the unlimited wealth within our subconscious mind, we need some points to boost it, the first job we must to do is not deliberately to activate our pride, no matter how great we are now, when we accustom ourselves to become snob person, we can’t recognize who we are and we will lose the momentum of unlimited wealth, the second thing we need to do is learning and sharing what you have got to other people, the unlimited wealth can’t be recognized when we don’t know who we are, that’s why we need to introduce ourselves to other people, we learn a lot about the human’s characteristic, when the our blind spot area is connected into each other, we can utilize the unlimited wealth within us, the unlimited wealth is talking about the recognition of the Universe Creator, we can attain the source of knowledge how to think and how we deserve the material wealth and all of the material wealth only can be collected by surfing and get the knowledge about our limited resourcefulness and employ them for us, not to work for them.


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