How to weight the great responsibility

            Today I would like to talk how to weight the great responsibility, as we know that every people who live in this world has taken responsibility in their lives but normally they are unable to embrace the great responsibility because they always count every profit from the responsibility, that reason many people are getting poor because of it, we must realize that every responsibility can’t be counted like a sum of money, responsibility is something precious which it can’t be exchanged with the sum of money but every responsibility will transform into the greatest reward.

When the greatest reward appears in the reality, we will take lesson from the greatest reward, from that we will get the priceless certification, then our  greatest efforts will be appreciated by this world and it will let us take the greater responsibility and also we will be allowed to make mistake in order to measure how capable we are to make creativity, here is the good news; we will be entrusted to make better world when we dedicated to build the creativity and  neaten the irregular patter of chaos.
cultivate your value to become the unlimited cash

We can’t make different in this world except we have learned a new thing in this life, a new thing can’t be collected when we take the same level of responsibility, new thing in this life will welcome us when we have prepared the greatest preparation from the degree of responsibility we had taken from the past time, so human being can’t find the prosperous when they just focus how to earn money, they will be trapped by wrong dogma where it teaches people to stay focus building the price, not value.
weight the great responsibility doesn't need power, but it needs perseverance 

The human’s dignity will diminish and becomes cheap when they waste their time for struggling for money, every lesson can be counted as responsibility when people want to reopen their mindset then they start to accept the challenge and endure the risk, here is the important thing; no man can be valued as value man when he put his position beneath the rock bottom,  if we want to weight the great responsibility, engage the new experience, take lesson from every mistake we make and respond to new chance.


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