Inspiration VS Aspiration

Today I would like to talk about inspiration and aspiration, both are resources which can be used to change human’s habit, human’s conviction and human’s mindset, those are assimilated by human’s output and all output are coming from the human’s consciousness, so basically the human can change their destiny based on the consciousness and all consciousness are need program, we can call them as feasibility study.

The feasibility study is program which leads the human’s consciousness to the right path, although the human being are granted with the unlimited wealth in their bodies but the human being need a trigger or spark to activate all element in their consciousness, without adhering certain intelligent and without adhering certain emotional drive, all human’s potential energy will aim to the carelessness and goes to inefficiency, the most important thing in the human’s part is hope.

Inspiration and aspiration must stand together and it is not allowed to walk alone, if we keep doing that, one of them will not evolve, if I may give a new example; the inspiration is like hope where it describes about someone is gardening the flower in the flower bed area, he hopes one day all flower will blossom, whereas the aspiration is like dedication how to maintenance the flower bed from the dirt which may scatters around, water the flower in every day, and fertilize the flower in order to make them protected from the bug’s attack.

The dedicated person is so powerful because his energy will grow enormously, the dedicated person will get a feedback faster than anybody else because he sacrifices a lot, started from sacrificing of time, sacrificing of energy, and sacrificing of feasibility study, please remember this  note; the greatness can be met when we are persistent to go against the limitation and the greatness can be trained by perseverance, and inspiration can be built by sharping the aspiration and strong reason, that is secret to fulfill the achievement in career.


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