What’s the glorious mission?

Today I would like to talk about how to recognize what’s the meaning of the glorious mission, as you know that human’s existence will be no meaningful when there’s no mission, only the perseverance people can be recruited to fulfill the mission, the glorious mission will not been given to the weak people who they have no idea how to live in this world, the human will be extinction when human don’t want to recognize and detect about the mission, the human’s mission is not talking about happiness, sadness, rich or poor, but the human’s mission is talking about GOD’s path and learning how to understand the purpose of life.

The purpose of life is activating the awareness within humans mindset and let people feel enlightened about something priceless and valuable thing about the thing in this life, so we need to train people to boost their ideas and start to observe about what benefit we can take from this universe, I am really sure every people want to know why they are created, to answer that question, we need to gather much information in order to prove and locate where we should live and when we should leave, all the treasure are belonged to the trusted path, the trusted path can be recognized by seeking the glorious mission on earth, if we want to know why we should be alive, then we should ask about the function of time and power where they live side by side within us.

The definition of glorious mission is not talking about result of happiness, but it is talking about how to start and how to end something before time is over, so as human being, the only thing we can do is we can find and observe something known and the unknown within our strength until we know how to let them work for us, that is the purpose of the glorious mission, the source of power is supposed to be utilized to make a good service, being a lender, not being a sender.

The creator who creates the unlimited energy, He intends to lend it to us His energy in order to teach us how to become a strongest believer, then the glorious mission will not be given to the betrayal because He feels disappoint with their doing. The Creator lets us to utilize His trust in order to build the human’s prophecy, and learn how to act responsibly in this universe, The creator only wants us to make a deal with human being because other creatures can’t fulfill the requirement, the human is the best creation He had ever created in this universe, remember this note; not at all human being will be given the glorious mission, because not everyone doesn’t want to know how to act responsibly with The Creator’s unlimited wealth.