What’s difference between doing more and doing better?

Today I would like to talk about the difference between doing more and doing better, the reason I choose that topic because many people in the world are trapped by their own mindset until they can’t differentiate between progress and stagnancy, the main problem is most of people are just following the lifestyle trend and the majority’s rule which have been validated by society, so my purpose to say that thing because I want to invite the readers to contemplate together with me about the difference between doing more and doing better, longtime ago i had seen myself as a victim and i always felt as prisoner in jail.

At that time I couldn’t understand how to interpret the meaning of doing better and doing more, for my opinion they are having same purpose namely achieve the target, but the main difference between them are lies at the interval, please remember, doing better definitely getting more information to improve what they can’t improve in the long time period on the other hand they can improve what they can improve in the short time period, that’s philosophy of meaning of doing better, whereas doing more doesn’t create a better result because doing more is doing the single repeated process and it will end with the satisfaction, if we can’t differentiate between doing more and doing better, our career will be disarray and we will go to the comfortable zone where it doesn’t offer hope and also it doesn’t offer a better future.

I would like to give you the characteristic between better and more, doing more always tighten our physical movement and tighten our mentality to feel the insecure thing like we are pushed to follow the target by needing more time, more extra physical power and more strategy to overcome the issue but all series will end in the same standard not higher, unwittingly we are educated to be living in that target parameter for everlasting, whereas the purpose of doing better is we must raise our standard by improving the mindset, accepting the challenge, taking the risk, embracing the failure, unlearning the bad habit, having strong commitment to upgrade the inefficient method and relearning how to learn about a new thing until we no longer need the leisure time to focus on the single target only.

That all my explanation how to make better decision right now, we are not going to change until we have improved something unnecessary, we can’t depend all problem to other people because problem is not always becoming disaster because of the part of problem is trying to keep you away from the unnecessary thing which may delay our future career, once again i share to you, if you focus by doing more, one day you are doing less but if you focus by doing better, the better zone area can lift you up to the higher position in career.

Become 1% people among 99%

Today I would like to share about how to be super limited edition, this topic intends to invite people who want to taste about happiness and justice, the power happiness and the power of justice can’t be separated, both are walking together and supporting each other, and also I want to share how to be unique person, becoming a unique person doesn’t mean we are becoming type of person who has been driven out from the society, but we will become 1% among 99% people, being 1% means our existence have been awaited by 99% people because 99%  people all ears  about our talent and unique ideas, otherwise 99% people have desired by looking masterpiece result because 99% people think 1% people's masterpiece will bring positive impact in the future, furthermore being 1% people are not afraid to be different because they know the unlimited wealth offers people who wants to do the impossible thing.

if we observe about the society life now, many of them are just following the majority rule but they don’t ask the question why they must follow it and why the majority rule needs to be popularized rather than the minority rule, in fact based on statistic data, the successful people are coming from the minority zone and they are not following the majority’s rule, now where are you side to be? Can you answer that, please remember; the majority rule is being made by society to secure the type of people who can’t survive by the circumstance’s treatment, whereas the minority’s rule is being made for the people who want to be limited edition and willingly to accept challenge, take a risk, take the undying passion and they are persistent how to become the prosperous for everlasting time.

The life is not teaching how to follow the human’s education but the life is teaching how to learn the existing object which may tell something to us and they want us to know something we don’t know before, the life system is too big and it has the infinite resources, so we can’t leave the resource without learning from it, the reason why we must learn from the universe because the human being are made from the infinite resources.

Besides that, life beseeches us to look for the answer about all the things they have given to us such the potential energy, unlimited ideas, prosperous living, etc. but there is main problem namely most people always sell something they don’t know in order to make a greater satisfaction to satisfy them such as buy something they really don't need it, that’s why they can’t become a super limited edition, if you want to possess the unlimited idea, prosperous living, the super creativity, you must think differently, accept the challenge, unlearn bad habit, learning to see the reality rather than complaining something we don’t know, please remember; complaining activity is just making something unknown bigger than the actual problem size.

How to delegate an opportunity

Today I would like to talk about how to get an opportunity and how to delegate them to every circumstances where we can meet in this life, in this topic I would like to invite you to contemplate together with me, this idea is not intended to put someone’s blame, I just want now we start to think differently and think more efficiently about what we really want in the opportunity and the reason why we really need it so much, I hope by creating the critical question, we can prepare something beneficial to welcome the dream, please take this note; if we don’t make good preparation to our vision, we will miss the opportunity.

If we compare between the circumstance and the life history, many of us often don’t want to lose every moment of opportunity because we think our life history dwell together with the life circumstance, now in this section I would like to tell you the opportunity will not appear when we do consistently with the same standard, the reason is our same standard is always walking backward and afraid to see the future, basically the new opportunity will appear when we have committed to do something greater than our previous standard, please take a note; our previous standard is not coming from our last accomplishment, but the previous standard which I mean is coming from our yesterday’s productive mistake, the productive mistake is not making the recycling process but it's cycling to another cycling.

If you ask me, how do we get an opportunity from the circumstance and delegate it, the answer is coming from your greatest curiosity and your greatest value in creativity, the reason why the greatest curiosity and the greatest value are very important because they belong to the unlimited wealth, please remember; if there is no single power of curiosity, so creativity and idea become meaningless, finally all we see are blindness.

Our job now is we are practicing and rehearsing persistently about what activity we love to do at the most time, all these procedure are made in order to raise our standard, beside that we must change our mindset, accept the challenge, become an eye opener, finally we can delegate the opportunity to evolve by itself, there is none other way to get good opportunity, if we just keep waiting the opportunity and waiting someone else to fix you, as consequently our careers are becoming stagnancy and we can’t welcome a new opportunity again.

if you may ask me, why not everyone can delegate the opportunity? the answer is because the people can't play their emotional intelligent, they prioritize to live together with the old mindset and the last answer is they always consider opportunity has huge risk within, so please ensure we have leisure time to awaken our power of determination during that period, maybe you can rewrite your history by reshape your product value but you can’t return the greatest moment back to the time when you were in there, our product becomes meaningless when we can’t get value from the series of opportunity.

How let the Confidence becomes you

Today I would like to share about how let the confidence becomes you, the reason I choose the topic because many people think confidence is not going last forever, but now I will say the confidence becomes you but you need to possess two kind of resourcefulness to activate, the first thing is you are having strong decisiveness to be emptiness and the second thing is you must have the insatiable curiosity, there reason I say that because confidence doesn’t need all memory we have, beside that we don’t need to remember all good memory from several past year, it’s part of pointless activity, we just need to be visionary, to become a confidence guy, we only need to make good preparation in order to make other people get enlightened by what to think and how’s important they learn about the thing, the more people we make them enlightened, the more confidence we are facing the insurmountable problem.

 Now if we look at the reality, many people are trying to escape from the responsibility because they always feel burdened with it, that’s main cause their feeling of confidence doesn’t appear, the confident person doesn’t stay away from the responsibility but he always embraces all problem until they master to handle them, so don’t make any excuse and easy to complain when you can handle the responsibility, the problem is not coming from the responsibility, but the main problem is coming from the human’s personality, please remember this note; the incredible power is nothing without any control and the passion without any creation is also nothing, that means the confidence becomes you when you possess the creation and the self-control.

Basically we don’t need to be more superior than other people’s ability and we don’t need to play what other people like so much, when you waste your time to do that job, you only become 99% you, not having 100% you, I can acknowledge you will never become yourself because you are busy in what other people thinking, not being busy person to think how to upgrade your power as the top priority, before you make other people get happiness, you need to find the source of happiness within you, if we don’t trust what we trust, who else will believe it?

The confidence doesn’t look at whether you are being a pleasant human being or being an unpleasant human being, the confidence also doesn’t take a value whether you are coming from the rich people or the poor people, the confidence doesn't look at whether you are part of popular people, or you are part of silent people, the confidence needs your responsibility, please remember; the greater confidence must be aligned with greater responsibility, none other thing can influence.

How do I change my mindset to lose weight?

Today I would like to talk about how do I change my mindset to lose weight, the reason I choose this topic because many people in the world, especially women have strong desire to lose their weight but they failed during getting practice, in the daily life many people have a good program and they have tried several times to lose weight by doing a physical exercise, consuming the fresh fruit, take the vitamin capsule, but in the particular time some people are still arguing and very disappointing about the result, in my opinion the problem is not coming from the resources, but the problem is coming from method, so if the method doesn’t reflect to the regulation or procedure, it’s impossible to achieve the target because the process will always go wrong, so the important thing is keep obeying with the regulation and believe with the right process, we can’t let the resources to be blamed for every difficult situation, no matter how good or bad of the resources is, the last decision is upon us.

We must realize changing mindset can’t be done in overnight, sometimes we need to do something irrelevant in year by year in order to obtain the right answer behind the message of learning, so in everyday we need some rituals to discipline our body and our mind during making good preparation to evolve, if we want to change our mindset, we need to check several things before we applying the procedure, the first thing is we are having strong reason to check whether we do something is right or not and we must upgrade about the version of our opinion in order to know whether we do something relevant or irrelevant, we will never know the value of something until we need to make a thousands of inefficient thing, so in order to get answer, we need practice.

The second thing we must check our paradigm or the typical example, if we want to lose weight, we need to meet with someone who has succeed with his paradigm first, we need to align between our mindset and his mindset, for example; if you need to lose 10 pound per month, you need to drink 100 ml bottle of milk for 100 days period, so the key of changing mindset is discipline and courage by doing the hardest thing within our mindset such as resist procrastination, without certain intelligent, we always  fear about the future and we always refuse the new mindset, please remember this advice; every new mindset from the individual person doesn’t need to be followed, but all we just need to do is check about the truthfulness by observing the fact and learn from the end result, the new result will change is getting better and better when we do the smallest action in every single day.

What is difference between a fixed and growth mindset

Today I would like to share about difference between a fixed and growth mindset, the reason I choose that topic because many people’s mindset are trapped in one model and most of them can’t differentiate between how to think and how to determine a decision or what they need to do with the thing, if we look at the word fix and growth, they have walked on different path, now I will share what’s definition of the fixed mindset, fixed mindset means the kind of particular mind when it always neglecting about new changes, new model, new capacity, new opportunity and it always influences people’s behavior to do something in the ordinary level, the fixed mindset users believe they can live normally with the features they build, the fixed mindset users always feel comfortable with the standard, it is meaning (No risk, No harm, No competition and No pain).

In addition the fixed mindset users don’t believe about the future’s plan because they consider what they do in every day’s circumstance tends to their expectation’s result, meaning the qualification will be the same with yesterday’s momentum, in my opinion, fixed mindset indicates the ambition model is always getting older, not getting better, in this point I would like to remind you, the fixed mindset user will be repenting when tomorrow’s direction is changing from the expectation point, the main reason is they believe expectation will be answering all their doubt and relieve what they fear, but in fact their expectation’s result will destroy their power of hope, please remember the fixed mindset users are always doing more, not better, that means the more they are doing the less they are having, I think that’s enough to talk about the fixed mindset.

Now I would like to share about the growth mindset, the growth mindset means the kind of particular mind which always influences people to feel nothing special, feel don’t know, feel emptiness and feel absurdity or irrational thinking, the principle of growth mindset is always open-minded, means always learning, re-learning and doing the repetitive roaming, besides that the growth mindset always tell people to accept mistake, accept new opportunity, accept the blame, accept the risk, accept the life’s treatment like the unjustified acceptance in order to give reflection whether they are doing something still relevant or irrelevant, furthermore the growth mindset users are always believing about the future’s plan, so what they do now is going to reflect to the next better qualification, the growth mindset user is always doing more productive and more differently rather than other people who just are doing something what they can do.

How do I know that I have limited mindset?

Today I would like to talk about how do I know that I have limited mindset? , this question will be appointing to us when we just become the ignorant person, so that part of limited mindset, now if we look at the ignorant people’s habit in the daily life, some of them are trying to keep shutting their mouth when they are seeing the truthfulness around and they will keep talking when they learn nothing, basically the reason why people just possess the limited mindset because they think having the feeling of satisfaction is better and easier than something new where it’s not usually attracted their attention, that’s the first symptom.
the limited mindset will keep you moving in one circle

 If we let them go such condition, they will go to the degradation area where they can’t find any other resources on earth, instead they start to go to the dark age where it will not provide power of hope and it will not provide the revelation to them, there’s another reason why they just avoid the truthfulness because they think living normally can be designed when they find satisfaction, the second reason why many people are feeling proud by having limited mindset because they think they always make an excuses such saying i don’t have much time to hit the book, and the third reason why they like to possess the limited mindset because they think studying or reading book are very boring activity, instead knowledge is part of true power how to control the imagination, please keep in mind; the power is nothing without control.

People who have limited mindset, they intend to magnify their satisfaction by doing something unproductive and looking for the fake happiness, the meaning of fake happiness is kind of feeling where it doesn’t make people’s mindset to grow up and that feeling will weaken the human’s logical thinking, so basically the limited mindset only persuade people to think how to take the shortcut process, enjoy the same standard and fulfill the short term plan.
the people's limited mindset always see problem as problem, not opportunity to evolve

So basically the limited mindset doesn’t give people the guarantee how to live happily ever after, so every single day they will live to the comfort zone area where there's only restricted area to enjoy, that’s very pitiful life, if we compare with the children’s mindset, children don’t know what they are doing in the future but their habits reflect to the long term plan, such as they are courage for making mistake even though they don’t know about the risk which may harm them, beside that children always use their instinct for observing something, they always feel incomplete, that’s why their intelligence are better than adult people, because they rely on their knowledge, not their imagination, in fact the power of knowledge is limited whereas the power of imagination is limitless, please remember the limited area will put you to the remote area so does the limited mindset, it will keep you in one place.

How to get people’s trustworthiness

Today I would like to talk about how to get people’s trustworthiness, the reason I choose that topic because build trustworthiness to other people is the one of ultimate sponsorship how to promote career, now we will prepare about the basic principle we execute before we obtain other people’s trustworthiness, the first thing we must build during waiting people's trustworthiness is don’t start to make promise first while we can’t assure how long we can keep promise till the end, in this case I will highlight this issue because many of us often to forget how to keep promise and we still don’t know the reason how’s so important to keep promise, this ideology has frequently influenced to many people's mindset and averagely they feel embarrassed because they already lose their dignity, lose confidence because of failing how to keep the trustworthiness from the people.

The second thing we must build during waiting people's trustworthiness is giving the trusted information to help other people get the solution from their  daily problem, the third thing we must build during waiting people's trustworthiness is build the good reputation, we can't get some improvement until we can obtain a good respond from other people who want to believe about us, we can use this behavior to promote our career in the future plan, without build the trust, we can’t sell something to people who can’t give us a trust, so build a trust is part of greatest leverage to maintain our product for everlasting life.

The real product above mentioned is not coming from the material wealth, but the real product is our commitment how to build a trust continuity to anyone else by providing them the valuable thing such as good stuff, service, guarantee, safety and so on, If the product can draw other people’s awareness, they will give the fast respond and  they will give us the repeated order to test our product value.

In the daily life, the fast respond is very important to be kept by us because it can help us to get the recommendation and improve our product quality, if we want to build career, the first option we must build during waiting the people’s trustworthiness is providing the better information in order to let people get solution from our side, in order to provide the good information, we need to emphasize the information’s quality and ensure the information must educate people's mindset, at least we can let them learn something from the information we serve, we need 2 kind of the main resources to make better information; observing about people’s problem and observe about the statistic data from the daily news, please remember; 98% people need the resourceful information to survive,  so make ensure we serve the good information to make them get longevity, that's how to get people's trustworthiness.

Value can attract a price, but price can’t attract value

Today I would like to talk about value and price, the reason I choose that topic because many people can’t differentiate between the meaning of value and the meaning of price, if you ask me what the most important thing between value and price, I will answer the value is my top priority because value will give me knowledge, self-motivation, valid reason, decisiveness, courage, determination, integrity, honesty, sincerity, love, passion, etc. otherwise price can’t buy a value, price only can be utilized to buy the world's content like as buying the title or the degree, price can buy good stuff, price can hire manpower to do something else, that is reason why I write about value and price, at this moment we need to break false system, so we need to unlearn something wrong where since we were kid been educated or been influenced by the older people to how to think to get price, not to think about what's the important about value.

If we look at about the great impact to the next generation, it’s about 50% adult people become degradation because they are busy to seek the price, not seek the value, here is the important thing; if we only look for a price for fulfilling our everlasting life, we all equal with the world’s content, it has size, height, weight, but in the end we all become the worthless human being, well, roughly speaking we can’t be associated with the world’s content for everlasting life because that’s not making us recognized as the Almighty God’s best creature in this universe, please keep in mind;  life is not designed to serve what we need for satisfaction, life is designed to serve what we deserve is righteous, for example, boss says; you deserve to take a rest after you complete your hard work.

Value can’t be attracted with the worldly stuff because value is priceless but when we possess the power of hope, we deserve to win everything to get price, so basically we don’t need to rush ourselves to get price, life has the mathematical system, so let the life’s system works for us and let the life calculates our hard work, we don’t bother to wait something uncertainty in the future, we only need to deepen our product value like sharpen our commitment, believe with the long process, believe with the justice, do what the best thing we can do.

In the life term; success and failure are associating in the right time, success can’t be obtained when we don’t deserve failure, that’s fair system, whether we like or we don’t like about the life system, that’s not our authorization to change it, life system will follow us when we committed to fulfill the life system’s requirement, hopefully this article will help you to attain your inner value.

Cheating is not mistake but its hereditary illness

Today I would like to talk about human negativity’s characteristic, as human being we can’t deal with negativity because it’s hidden to the subconscious mind and lies into human’s decisiveness, many people are trying to defeat negativity like cheating but in the fact, they start to commence cheating because of avoiding new challenge, the reason why people are cheating because they think cheating is part of method how to manipulate the bad condition and change it into sweet promise, when I was child, I was taught by my friends to cheat in the school and at that time I didn’t know what the effect of doing such habit, ten years later I start to realize cheating is part of human’s culture, not part of education, beside that cheating it’s part of hereditary illness, it can’t be cured by medicine.

Basically hereditary illness can accelerate the mentally handicapped process because cheating is part of degradation habit, not evolve to get better life, cheating is indicating individual person has no competency in any scope, he is lack of attention, lack of eagerness to study, lack of determination, lack of hope, so please be careful with this habit because every cheating process will determine our decision, steal our subconscious, steal power of hope, steal our happiness and it will teach us how to make the chain of depression, the reason why I say such thing because cheating is is not part of kindness, but an evil.

now we would like to analyze a bit why do they cheat? how to know that other people are cheating us? the first step we can judge upon the persuading’s purpose, if the cheater is offering something where it looks easier to obtain but he doesn't tell about the consequent within, it can be ensured that's part of cheating process, the cheater doesn’t tell whether any risk or not with the product and he is bravery making a promise about the product value, the cheater doesn’t tell about the long process or guarantee how to survive with the product, all words he says fully intended a sweet promise, please be cautious about it because anyone can be a victim, we must be extra carefully checking while make a friend with this kind of person.

 The cheater is always offering the simplest way at the first offering and magnifying the huge interest at the first time, the main point of cheater is allocate the customer’s blind spot area where it has been overlooked by the candidate of victim, the cheater will not show the good point to candidate of victim, the cheater’s thinking is always making a trap without any feeling of regret or without any hesitate, the last thing I share to you is kindly educating your children to speak the truth as always  when they were kid because a cheating is not mistake but it’s part of hereditary illness and it can’t be cured easily, it needs long time process to cure it, it’s better to feel hurt while speaking the truth rather than getting a sweet promise in the cheating, in the end journey the cheater will be punished by his habit.

The greatest mistake offers greatest reward

            Today I would like to talk about the greatest mistake, I am sure many of us try to avoid this treatment because we think overmuch about the opinions which may come from other people’s fixed mindset, besides that we feel unease to see many records of mistakes while it's whispering us around, actually mistake is not coming when we are not good at something, mistake is allowed to come to the type of person who can’t see any opportunity or type of person who lacks of vision about doing something, so every mistake is part of guidance to get enlightenment, please remember this note; people who deliberately want to leave the mistake, their blindness will lead them to the permanent mediocrity because they never learn something.

 Making mistake is not representing mediocrity state, the reason why I say that because that’s part of life system, life is teaching us not to avoid mistake, but teaching us how to make decision and get stronger, in the reality everybody wants their dream come true but if they skip the learning process through mistake, in the end result they will feel the chronic pain because they neglect the learning process, please remember; we don’t need to be great warrior to start something because we all don’t know what will happen to the next moment, all we need to do is we just need to start something what we are facing it and behave like a great warrior who has undying passion and has the relentless drive.

Now if we see the statistic data, 75 % adult people are trying to plain a failure rather than 75% children because the adult people always magnify their feeling of proud and skip the mistake process, in fact children always behave like the blindness man who doesn’t know about anything in his around and children keep struggling to find a light, that’s reason children are smarter than adult people, if we realize we all are adult, why don’t follow children’s power of curiosity.

The greatest reward will not be given to the people who are always acting great all the time, the reason is feeling of proud will blockade the power of determination, so basically we are led by our own decisiveness to the career we are dreaming about, now if we look at the statistic data from the career and jobs in the world, only 5%  agree that they believe they can achieve the greatest rewards from this life, the main reason is 5% people are commitment to pursue the mistake because they think mistake is not part of mediocrity, but mistake is stepping stone how to strip away the inefficient thing and change it with new mindset how to keep walking on the right path while waiting something great.

The great depression is great recession

Today I would like to talk about the symptoms of great depression and the great depression equals with great recession, it is part of illness mentality, if we take look from the human who has great depression in their habits, averagely they are afraid to seek something in the future because they are showing lack of something valuable and they are trapped into pollutant's environment, so if we look the depressed people around us, we are not allowed to give more burden to them when we can’t help to minimize it, whatever difficult situation we are now, we can’t return them back to the pollutant area, instead we need to pull them from the pollutant and invite them to the better place.

We all know that depression is caused by neglecting the reality and refuse to accept new changes, in fact every changes are needed to upgrade our inefficient system which had been implanted in our mindset and turn it into something more powerful and more positive, habit is the main role how to change every decision from individual person, habit can’t be represented, habit can’t be duplicated, habit is self-responsibility, the great depression are accumulation of people’s bad habits and every bad habits are coming from uneducated and unwillingness of appreciation .

Uneducated means showing lack of attention to accept the reality and run away from mistake, at this point we can’t change other people’s habit, we only can give them a good sample and let them see your habits until they start to understand different thing between himself and different you, habit is like program, we are not authorized to change a other people’s program, we just can retrace the story from the people who felt depression in the past time, as we know that All the depressed people are always losing their feeling of control until they don’t know how to differentiate between their memory data and their imagination.

The greater depression is embedded into someone’s memory data, the greater hole will gnaw their power of hope, depression can't be neutralized with giving a reward but it can be neutralized with associated with good people's idea, the depression can’t be seen easily by naked eyes or it can’t be felt easily by word of mouth, depression is the state of feeling sad because of lack of determination, lack of knowledge, lack of attention, lack of care, lack of love, lack of accepting advice, and lack of decisiveness. My suggestion is when people around you feel symptom of depression, you can replace their memory by giving them valuable memory and train them with busy weekday schedule in order to make them forget something bad in the past time.

Making mistake doesn’t mean person creates problem

Today I would like to talk about mistake, most adult people consider making a lot of mistake will turn down mentality, in fact we will not know how far our mentality goes to the point of guidance, sometimes we are pushed to see the mistake in order to see an object differently from particular position and particular emotions, so basically we will not get enlightened when we deliberately refuse to accept mistake, please remember this note; new mistake can drive people to the light area when they are persistent and keep going, otherwise new mistake can drive people to the darkness area when they give up entirely.

Basically the truthfulness can’t be rejected, it can’t be turned down, it can’t be disbanded, the truthfulness just can be forgotten by ourselves, but one day when we no longer need the truthfulness, at that time we start to regret, please take a note; our regretful will gnaw our future little by little until we can’t see any difference between the past time and the present time, mistake is supposed to be learned, not to be neglected because one day we will create same mistake, we all know that everybody has restricted time, so we can’t return back to the starting point, you can't stop in the middle of journey, we only have two option; we can handle any risk from mistake and get appreciation from it, otherwise when we can’t handle mistake, and we will become mediocre

 Every mistake always oppose the humans dignity, so basically every mistake is alive, like other living creature on earth, it will get bigger when we don’t learn something and it will get smaller when we keep learning something although we don’t know the reason why mistake is always approaching us, my point of view about mistake’s existence is mistake is re-learning and never be the same because time always changes, no matter how smart you are now, you will not get away from mistake, when you decide to refuse the mistake, you will not get back to the shore because you will be drifted to the sea and you will get confused and depressed.

 The purpose of mistake is prevent big problem to come and big problem will be coming when we don’t re-learn something that we should learn earlier, please remember, we will never get ready to see new mistake until we are pushed to see unconditional mistake, mistake is part of education, every mistake lies into inspiration and motivation.