Become 1% people among 99%

Today I would like to share about how to be super limited edition, this topic intends to invite people who want to taste about happiness and justice, the power happiness and the power of justice can’t be separated, both are walking together and supporting each other, and also I want to share how to be unique person, becoming a unique person doesn’t mean we are becoming type of person who has been driven out from the society, but we will become 1% among 99% people, being 1% means our existence have been awaited by 99% people because 99%  people all ears  about our talent and unique ideas, otherwise 99% people have desired by looking masterpiece result because 99% people think 1% people's masterpiece will bring positive impact in the future, furthermore being 1% people are not afraid to be different because they know the unlimited wealth offers people who wants to do the impossible thing.

if we observe about the society life now, many of them are just following the majority rule but they don’t ask the question why they must follow it and why the majority rule needs to be popularized rather than the minority rule, in fact based on statistic data, the successful people are coming from the minority zone and they are not following the majority’s rule, now where are you side to be? Can you answer that, please remember; the majority rule is being made by society to secure the type of people who can’t survive by the circumstance’s treatment, whereas the minority’s rule is being made for the people who want to be limited edition and willingly to accept challenge, take a risk, take the undying passion and they are persistent how to become the prosperous for everlasting time.

The life is not teaching how to follow the human’s education but the life is teaching how to learn the existing object which may tell something to us and they want us to know something we don’t know before, the life system is too big and it has the infinite resources, so we can’t leave the resource without learning from it, the reason why we must learn from the universe because the human being are made from the infinite resources.

Besides that, life beseeches us to look for the answer about all the things they have given to us such the potential energy, unlimited ideas, prosperous living, etc. but there is main problem namely most people always sell something they don’t know in order to make a greater satisfaction to satisfy them such as buy something they really don't need it, that’s why they can’t become a super limited edition, if you want to possess the unlimited idea, prosperous living, the super creativity, you must think differently, accept the challenge, unlearn bad habit, learning to see the reality rather than complaining something we don’t know, please remember; complaining activity is just making something unknown bigger than the actual problem size.


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