Cheating is not mistake but its hereditary illness

Today I would like to talk about human negativity’s characteristic, as human being we can’t deal with negativity because it’s hidden to the subconscious mind and lies into human’s decisiveness, many people are trying to defeat negativity like cheating but in the fact, they start to commence cheating because of avoiding new challenge, the reason why people are cheating because they think cheating is part of method how to manipulate the bad condition and change it into sweet promise, when I was child, I was taught by my friends to cheat in the school and at that time I didn’t know what the effect of doing such habit, ten years later I start to realize cheating is part of human’s culture, not part of education, beside that cheating it’s part of hereditary illness, it can’t be cured by medicine.

Basically hereditary illness can accelerate the mentally handicapped process because cheating is part of degradation habit, not evolve to get better life, cheating is indicating individual person has no competency in any scope, he is lack of attention, lack of eagerness to study, lack of determination, lack of hope, so please be careful with this habit because every cheating process will determine our decision, steal our subconscious, steal power of hope, steal our happiness and it will teach us how to make the chain of depression, the reason why I say such thing because cheating is is not part of kindness, but an evil.

now we would like to analyze a bit why do they cheat? how to know that other people are cheating us? the first step we can judge upon the persuading’s purpose, if the cheater is offering something where it looks easier to obtain but he doesn't tell about the consequent within, it can be ensured that's part of cheating process, the cheater doesn’t tell whether any risk or not with the product and he is bravery making a promise about the product value, the cheater doesn’t tell about the long process or guarantee how to survive with the product, all words he says fully intended a sweet promise, please be cautious about it because anyone can be a victim, we must be extra carefully checking while make a friend with this kind of person.

 The cheater is always offering the simplest way at the first offering and magnifying the huge interest at the first time, the main point of cheater is allocate the customer’s blind spot area where it has been overlooked by the candidate of victim, the cheater will not show the good point to candidate of victim, the cheater’s thinking is always making a trap without any feeling of regret or without any hesitate, the last thing I share to you is kindly educating your children to speak the truth as always  when they were kid because a cheating is not mistake but it’s part of hereditary illness and it can’t be cured easily, it needs long time process to cure it, it’s better to feel hurt while speaking the truth rather than getting a sweet promise in the cheating, in the end journey the cheater will be punished by his habit.


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