Don’t just become dream keeper, be dream kicker

Today I would like to talk about how to become dream kicker, not becoming a dream keeper, this statement means dream will become a dream when we don’t have enough strong reason to transform it into reality, but when we insist to apply our knowledge to transform dream into reality, that's part of revolution, there are many ways how to become dream kicker, the first thing we must do is discipline our body and our mind to focus on the right method and the right process, that’s guarantee how to move forward our dream into reality, beside that dream doesn’t know where you want to go but dream knows how to lift you to the higher standard, now we look at the reality many people are working hard to get good career but in the end journey, people are just doing more, not just better, the main problem is not coming from the result of working hard, but the source of failure is the power of determination is not applied, that's why they fail to achieve what they dream.

Now I am going to let you know the difference between doing more and doing better, doing more means doing something within standard, to fulfill that requirement, you will push yourself everyday to ensure you will meet within the standard, no matter how much risk you will meet, whereas doing better is doing something differently where we need more strategy to achieve something we haven’t reached by now, so the key how to become dream kicker is doing better, not doing more as quantity.

Prepare good Preparation is very important to raise our standard because it can be used to level up a new standard, basically good preparation is to be utilized to attract new opportunity where we haven’t met in our journey of life, during chasing the career, we don’t know when good preparation is really complete running or when new journey is begun, that’s not our job, our job is to ensure what we are doing now has related with our big dream in the future, we can’t complete big dream in one day but we need to expand our determination day by day until it will kick the right momentum, there is another thing we can do to become dream kicker is we need to remake our personality and remake our knowledge to pick up new challenge, whether we are ready or not, we are never ready because time always changes.

Please remember, make preparation is not enough to attract big dream, we must to learn something to solve big problem for other people, we need to find recognition to promote our idea to solve as many as problem, once we find recognition, our knowledge is upgraded automatically, to meet recognition, we can start to learn hearing from other people’s problem, that's the first thing we must do to upgrade our knowledge,collect some information and keep it to your data, once we listen something we can learn how to find the root cause, once we can remake root cause, it becomes solution for other people, the more problem you solve the more chance will drive you to the dream kicker, hopefully this article will give you a clue to proceed your dream into reality.


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