Happiness is not a goal, but it’s part of progress

Progress equals happiness

Today I would like to talk about happiness and most people consider that happiness is part of goal, if people consider happiness is coming after achieving a goal, in the short term journey they never find meaning of happiness and they start to feel mediocre for long term period, we can’t just wait the happiness to come from far away then it approaches us, we need to remember, the source of happiness is not part of material wealth, the source of happiness is coming from the ability to see something from the particular position you haven't seen before, if we are forced to keep thinking happiness is part of the material wealth, our efforts become futile, all we need to do how to get happiness is build something about ourselves by engraving the creativity, having good personality and becoming a masterpiece creator.

There are many ways how to get happiness as long as we sincerely create something that you haven’t ever made before, that’s prerequisite of life, if we want to get happiness in short term period, we need to get other people enlightened by giving our masterpiece, maybe we will think this is part of contribution but that is way how to make trade with happiness, here is the important thing you need to remember; the happiness’s characteristic is ceaseless, there’s none other way how to get happiness except we must build a good characteristic and create good habit as prerequisite how to attract a happiness.

If you do something valuable when other people don’t do, that is part of progress towards happiness, we can’t make happiness when we deliberately skip the momentum of progress, for example; if you want to build a mansion, you must create the architecture's blueprint and ask the architecture planner how to build a mansion brick by brick, hire the manpower to work, etc. When we succeed to build a progress, the result will bring you to the happiness, so happiness is not goal, but progress, there’s no meaning of progress when we don’t build progress, so we must imagine how much progress we need to build when we want to attract the source of happiness.
flourishing other peoples' information is part of happiness

We can’t do better thing when we lose the momentum of vision, happiness is located to the new place or something unique we have never visited before, we will lose it when we just keep doing something in the same standard, the real winner is coming from human being who possess the power of insatiable curiosity and he keeps maintain how to create, how to imagine, how to progress, how to change and how to maintain momentum. The best thing we can do right now is becoming someone whom many people await for his existence, when many people miss so much with our masterpiece, that's evidence our contribution activity, happiness is about sharing something valuable and ensuring other people have something what you have.


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