How do I change my mindset to lose weight?

Today I would like to talk about how do I change my mindset to lose weight, the reason I choose this topic because many people in the world, especially women have strong desire to lose their weight but they failed during getting practice, in the daily life many people have a good program and they have tried several times to lose weight by doing a physical exercise, consuming the fresh fruit, take the vitamin capsule, but in the particular time some people are still arguing and very disappointing about the result, in my opinion the problem is not coming from the resources, but the problem is coming from method, so if the method doesn’t reflect to the regulation or procedure, it’s impossible to achieve the target because the process will always go wrong, so the important thing is keep obeying with the regulation and believe with the right process, we can’t let the resources to be blamed for every difficult situation, no matter how good or bad of the resources is, the last decision is upon us.

We must realize changing mindset can’t be done in overnight, sometimes we need to do something irrelevant in year by year in order to obtain the right answer behind the message of learning, so in everyday we need some rituals to discipline our body and our mind during making good preparation to evolve, if we want to change our mindset, we need to check several things before we applying the procedure, the first thing is we are having strong reason to check whether we do something is right or not and we must upgrade about the version of our opinion in order to know whether we do something relevant or irrelevant, we will never know the value of something until we need to make a thousands of inefficient thing, so in order to get answer, we need practice.

The second thing we must check our paradigm or the typical example, if we want to lose weight, we need to meet with someone who has succeed with his paradigm first, we need to align between our mindset and his mindset, for example; if you need to lose 10 pound per month, you need to drink 100 ml bottle of milk for 100 days period, so the key of changing mindset is discipline and courage by doing the hardest thing within our mindset such as resist procrastination, without certain intelligent, we always  fear about the future and we always refuse the new mindset, please remember this advice; every new mindset from the individual person doesn’t need to be followed, but all we just need to do is check about the truthfulness by observing the fact and learn from the end result, the new result will change is getting better and better when we do the smallest action in every single day.


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