How do I know that I have limited mindset?

Today I would like to talk about how do I know that I have limited mindset? , this question will be appointing to us when we just become the ignorant person, so that part of limited mindset, now if we look at the ignorant people’s habit in the daily life, some of them are trying to keep shutting their mouth when they are seeing the truthfulness around and they will keep talking when they learn nothing, basically the reason why people just possess the limited mindset because they think having the feeling of satisfaction is better and easier than something new where it’s not usually attracted their attention, that’s the first symptom.
the limited mindset will keep you moving in one circle

 If we let them go such condition, they will go to the degradation area where they can’t find any other resources on earth, instead they start to go to the dark age where it will not provide power of hope and it will not provide the revelation to them, there’s another reason why they just avoid the truthfulness because they think living normally can be designed when they find satisfaction, the second reason why many people are feeling proud by having limited mindset because they think they always make an excuses such saying i don’t have much time to hit the book, and the third reason why they like to possess the limited mindset because they think studying or reading book are very boring activity, instead knowledge is part of true power how to control the imagination, please keep in mind; the power is nothing without control.

People who have limited mindset, they intend to magnify their satisfaction by doing something unproductive and looking for the fake happiness, the meaning of fake happiness is kind of feeling where it doesn’t make people’s mindset to grow up and that feeling will weaken the human’s logical thinking, so basically the limited mindset only persuade people to think how to take the shortcut process, enjoy the same standard and fulfill the short term plan.
the people's limited mindset always see problem as problem, not opportunity to evolve

So basically the limited mindset doesn’t give people the guarantee how to live happily ever after, so every single day they will live to the comfort zone area where there's only restricted area to enjoy, that’s very pitiful life, if we compare with the children’s mindset, children don’t know what they are doing in the future but their habits reflect to the long term plan, such as they are courage for making mistake even though they don’t know about the risk which may harm them, beside that children always use their instinct for observing something, they always feel incomplete, that’s why their intelligence are better than adult people, because they rely on their knowledge, not their imagination, in fact the power of knowledge is limited whereas the power of imagination is limitless, please remember the limited area will put you to the remote area so does the limited mindset, it will keep you in one place.


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