How let the Confidence becomes you

Today I would like to share about how let the confidence becomes you, the reason I choose the topic because many people think confidence is not going last forever, but now I will say the confidence becomes you but you need to possess two kind of resourcefulness to activate, the first thing is you are having strong decisiveness to be emptiness and the second thing is you must have the insatiable curiosity, there reason I say that because confidence doesn’t need all memory we have, beside that we don’t need to remember all good memory from several past year, it’s part of pointless activity, we just need to be visionary, to become a confidence guy, we only need to make good preparation in order to make other people get enlightened by what to think and how’s important they learn about the thing, the more people we make them enlightened, the more confidence we are facing the insurmountable problem.

 Now if we look at the reality, many people are trying to escape from the responsibility because they always feel burdened with it, that’s main cause their feeling of confidence doesn’t appear, the confident person doesn’t stay away from the responsibility but he always embraces all problem until they master to handle them, so don’t make any excuse and easy to complain when you can handle the responsibility, the problem is not coming from the responsibility, but the main problem is coming from the human’s personality, please remember this note; the incredible power is nothing without any control and the passion without any creation is also nothing, that means the confidence becomes you when you possess the creation and the self-control.

Basically we don’t need to be more superior than other people’s ability and we don’t need to play what other people like so much, when you waste your time to do that job, you only become 99% you, not having 100% you, I can acknowledge you will never become yourself because you are busy in what other people thinking, not being busy person to think how to upgrade your power as the top priority, before you make other people get happiness, you need to find the source of happiness within you, if we don’t trust what we trust, who else will believe it?

The confidence doesn’t look at whether you are being a pleasant human being or being an unpleasant human being, the confidence also doesn’t take a value whether you are coming from the rich people or the poor people, the confidence doesn't look at whether you are part of popular people, or you are part of silent people, the confidence needs your responsibility, please remember; the greater confidence must be aligned with greater responsibility, none other thing can influence.


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