How to delegate an opportunity

Today I would like to talk about how to get an opportunity and how to delegate them to every circumstances where we can meet in this life, in this topic I would like to invite you to contemplate together with me, this idea is not intended to put someone’s blame, I just want now we start to think differently and think more efficiently about what we really want in the opportunity and the reason why we really need it so much, I hope by creating the critical question, we can prepare something beneficial to welcome the dream, please take this note; if we don’t make good preparation to our vision, we will miss the opportunity.

If we compare between the circumstance and the life history, many of us often don’t want to lose every moment of opportunity because we think our life history dwell together with the life circumstance, now in this section I would like to tell you the opportunity will not appear when we do consistently with the same standard, the reason is our same standard is always walking backward and afraid to see the future, basically the new opportunity will appear when we have committed to do something greater than our previous standard, please take a note; our previous standard is not coming from our last accomplishment, but the previous standard which I mean is coming from our yesterday’s productive mistake, the productive mistake is not making the recycling process but it's cycling to another cycling.

If you ask me, how do we get an opportunity from the circumstance and delegate it, the answer is coming from your greatest curiosity and your greatest value in creativity, the reason why the greatest curiosity and the greatest value are very important because they belong to the unlimited wealth, please remember; if there is no single power of curiosity, so creativity and idea become meaningless, finally all we see are blindness.

Our job now is we are practicing and rehearsing persistently about what activity we love to do at the most time, all these procedure are made in order to raise our standard, beside that we must change our mindset, accept the challenge, become an eye opener, finally we can delegate the opportunity to evolve by itself, there is none other way to get good opportunity, if we just keep waiting the opportunity and waiting someone else to fix you, as consequently our careers are becoming stagnancy and we can’t welcome a new opportunity again.

if you may ask me, why not everyone can delegate the opportunity? the answer is because the people can't play their emotional intelligent, they prioritize to live together with the old mindset and the last answer is they always consider opportunity has huge risk within, so please ensure we have leisure time to awaken our power of determination during that period, maybe you can rewrite your history by reshape your product value but you can’t return the greatest moment back to the time when you were in there, our product becomes meaningless when we can’t get value from the series of opportunity.


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