How to get people’s trustworthiness

Today I would like to talk about how to get people’s trustworthiness, the reason I choose that topic because build trustworthiness to other people is the one of ultimate sponsorship how to promote career, now we will prepare about the basic principle we execute before we obtain other people’s trustworthiness, the first thing we must build during waiting people's trustworthiness is don’t start to make promise first while we can’t assure how long we can keep promise till the end, in this case I will highlight this issue because many of us often to forget how to keep promise and we still don’t know the reason how’s so important to keep promise, this ideology has frequently influenced to many people's mindset and averagely they feel embarrassed because they already lose their dignity, lose confidence because of failing how to keep the trustworthiness from the people.

The second thing we must build during waiting people's trustworthiness is giving the trusted information to help other people get the solution from their  daily problem, the third thing we must build during waiting people's trustworthiness is build the good reputation, we can't get some improvement until we can obtain a good respond from other people who want to believe about us, we can use this behavior to promote our career in the future plan, without build the trust, we can’t sell something to people who can’t give us a trust, so build a trust is part of greatest leverage to maintain our product for everlasting life.

The real product above mentioned is not coming from the material wealth, but the real product is our commitment how to build a trust continuity to anyone else by providing them the valuable thing such as good stuff, service, guarantee, safety and so on, If the product can draw other people’s awareness, they will give the fast respond and  they will give us the repeated order to test our product value.

In the daily life, the fast respond is very important to be kept by us because it can help us to get the recommendation and improve our product quality, if we want to build career, the first option we must build during waiting the people’s trustworthiness is providing the better information in order to let people get solution from our side, in order to provide the good information, we need to emphasize the information’s quality and ensure the information must educate people's mindset, at least we can let them learn something from the information we serve, we need 2 kind of the main resources to make better information; observing about people’s problem and observe about the statistic data from the daily news, please remember; 98% people need the resourceful information to survive,  so make ensure we serve the good information to make them get longevity, that's how to get people's trustworthiness.


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