How to learn from a good mistake

Today I would like to talk about how to learn a good mistake, in this new century there are still many young people are arguing between bad mistake and bad experience in their life until they can’t differentiate between right or wrong, so it’s part of wrong mindset, the wrong mindset always tells the mind user to do something where it doesn’t related how to build good reputation, this is chronic pain, it has been experienced by people who have never learned about new mistake before, here is the important thing; the mistake is happening when we are doing something irrelevant with an object and every mistake is used to help us to comprehend something new until we no longer need mistake, that’s philosophy of mistake.

By that means we should not stand with keeping one mistake for longer time, but we are allowed to collect some information to reduce the effect of new mistake after we learn it, The question is, “why do people still repeat a mistake” , the main reason is people always avoid mistake and refuse to accept mistake,and they always think making a mistake can invite new mistake to create disorder; in fact the man who makes mistake, that meaning he is a man of action where he creates a lot of creativity to make different thing and to make probability, please observe from Thomas Alva Edison’s quote “ I don’t create a mistake to light up the electrical bulb, but I succeed to find 10.000 mistakes to make inefficient method”.

 here is the new clue, sometimes Almighty GOD (ALLAH) allows us to make mistake in order to measure how strong of our mentality to face the next problem, Almighty GOD (ALLAH) knows you are tired by doing something you love very much, but He creates a mistake to ensure human being will learn something carefully from it, making mistake doesn’t invite something bad to create new problem, sometimes it part of mind-boggling, basically mistake will not create a problem, mistake is used to prevent big problem to come.

  Good mistake is teaching us how to make creativity, not destructive thing, good mistake is teaching us how to be productive, proactive and progressive, don’t worry about making a little mistake because it is part of life education, we will not get the wisdom when we refuse to make new mistake, the real winner is never complained about his mistakes because he knows new mistake will help him to create new accomplishment, hopefully this article will help you to open your luck and you will get accomplishment.


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