How to make different impact in result

Today I would like to talk about how to make different impact in order to get the new thing from what people have done, recently many people assume they have done something great to ascertain they are doing more and more to achieve a big target, every time they achieve target, their effort can’t achieve the target because they are just doing more, not doing better, by that I mean, when we do something to achieve target, don’t think about how much time you need to finish the target, but how much available idea to make different impact.

I believe many people try to work really hard to make different impact but they still argue, angry and doubt with the end result because they just copy what other people usually do to achieve target, to make different impact we need to observe what most people need something and what most people don’t need something, with the key word I mentioned, you probably will find new opportunity you may haven’t met beforehand.

I would remind you that becoming different guy has offered many things and bring the positive side when we realize about the meaning of it, being different you in every day situation will empower your mentality to grow better, the most difficult situation will not keep you away from feeling of self-confessed, but in the contrary the most difficult situation will run your inner power to clear your mind and focus to achieve the target, in this modern area there are many people are getting misunderstood by interpreting between to be different and become strange, the reason why they don’t understand about it because in the daily activity they often become victim of life and they already been trapped by dogma where they are trained to accept the fear and accept the doubt on their mindset.

At this point of thinking, we will try to differentiate between strange person or be different person, now we will try to interpret the definition of strange man; the strange man means doing something out of standard, out of majority capacity, and strange man’s behavior usually is not accepted by the most people because he is doing something irrelevant and absurd, otherwise the different guy is doing something when other people don’t have any courage to finish job or mission, then different guy is learning something from the specific area when most people don’t recognize it carefully, a different guy tends to make creativity and he is not doing what most people do in the usual way, he is keep engraving his idealism to create the unique idea for everlasting.

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