How to make good expectation

Today I would like to talk about how to make good expectation, the purpose I choose that topic because everybody has the right to get good expectation to change their destiny, but in the reality they stumble into darkness because they are losing the expectation, in order to live normally, we need to collect a lot of resources and seek the inspiration to activate our expectation, then we learn it and create something to retrieve a feedback, to possess good expectation, someone must be part of resourceful in order to attract other resources in this life, it’s not easy to be resourceful because we need to find as many as data in order to catch other people’s expectation, as long as we haven’t collected a good expectation, other people will not follow our expectation.

before we expect good thing and create new thing, we need to expect the clearest thing like one goal, if we just expect unclear target we always meet with the stagnancy of destiny, now we try to look at the statistic data all over the world, many people are standing in line to prioritize their satisfaction because they think the expectation can lead them to the revolution, now i will tell you about the first step we must do to expect the unexpected revolution is building a trust for other people, without a trust, everybody can't unite a good expectation, please remember; good expectation can’t be met with the ordinary action, it needs some massive action to execute our target until target hits a good expectation, the only thing we can do at this moment is exceeding expectation by creating a chance to other people in order to let them review your masterpiece until they understand what we are doing now, basically the purpose of masterpiece must be aligned with other people's expectation.

 At second step; we need to make the leverage in order to draw as much as the expectation because we can’t stand alone by getting success, we must realize that success can’t be built alone because it’s not part of life system, if we understand about life system, we will not underestimate the power of hope from everyone who lives around us, the main reason why we are allowed to deny other people's hope because that is success's system, even though we are so powerful and expertise in one scope, in the end journey, we can't survive alone, if we underestimate other people’s expectation, our confidence will be drowned by our satisfaction automatically, so in this phase we need to deal with the leverage, to build leverage we need to make other people get enlightened.

 To follow our expectation doesn’t mean we need to lower our expectation, we just need to ensure other people’s expectation standard will get higher than before because in order to gain expectation we need to make everybody wins, here is the important; the power of expectation is created to facilitate other people to evolve their expectation and live peacefully, so in the reality life we need to explore and keep surfing the information how to serve the most preferable people’s reading topic, if we succeed it, our qualification will be answered by this life and we will happily ever after because we exceed our real action against expectation.


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