Making mistake doesn’t mean person creates problem

Today I would like to talk about mistake, most adult people consider making a lot of mistake will turn down mentality, in fact we will not know how far our mentality goes to the point of guidance, sometimes we are pushed to see the mistake in order to see an object differently from particular position and particular emotions, so basically we will not get enlightened when we deliberately refuse to accept mistake, please remember this note; new mistake can drive people to the light area when they are persistent and keep going, otherwise new mistake can drive people to the darkness area when they give up entirely.

Basically the truthfulness can’t be rejected, it can’t be turned down, it can’t be disbanded, the truthfulness just can be forgotten by ourselves, but one day when we no longer need the truthfulness, at that time we start to regret, please take a note; our regretful will gnaw our future little by little until we can’t see any difference between the past time and the present time, mistake is supposed to be learned, not to be neglected because one day we will create same mistake, we all know that everybody has restricted time, so we can’t return back to the starting point, you can't stop in the middle of journey, we only have two option; we can handle any risk from mistake and get appreciation from it, otherwise when we can’t handle mistake, and we will become mediocre

 Every mistake always oppose the humans dignity, so basically every mistake is alive, like other living creature on earth, it will get bigger when we don’t learn something and it will get smaller when we keep learning something although we don’t know the reason why mistake is always approaching us, my point of view about mistake’s existence is mistake is re-learning and never be the same because time always changes, no matter how smart you are now, you will not get away from mistake, when you decide to refuse the mistake, you will not get back to the shore because you will be drifted to the sea and you will get confused and depressed.

 The purpose of mistake is prevent big problem to come and big problem will be coming when we don’t re-learn something that we should learn earlier, please remember, we will never get ready to see new mistake until we are pushed to see unconditional mistake, mistake is part of education, every mistake lies into inspiration and motivation.


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