The great depression is great recession

Today I would like to talk about the symptoms of great depression and the great depression equals with great recession, it is part of illness mentality, if we take look from the human who has great depression in their habits, averagely they are afraid to seek something in the future because they are showing lack of something valuable and they are trapped into pollutant's environment, so if we look the depressed people around us, we are not allowed to give more burden to them when we can’t help to minimize it, whatever difficult situation we are now, we can’t return them back to the pollutant area, instead we need to pull them from the pollutant and invite them to the better place.

We all know that depression is caused by neglecting the reality and refuse to accept new changes, in fact every changes are needed to upgrade our inefficient system which had been implanted in our mindset and turn it into something more powerful and more positive, habit is the main role how to change every decision from individual person, habit can’t be represented, habit can’t be duplicated, habit is self-responsibility, the great depression are accumulation of people’s bad habits and every bad habits are coming from uneducated and unwillingness of appreciation .

Uneducated means showing lack of attention to accept the reality and run away from mistake, at this point we can’t change other people’s habit, we only can give them a good sample and let them see your habits until they start to understand different thing between himself and different you, habit is like program, we are not authorized to change a other people’s program, we just can retrace the story from the people who felt depression in the past time, as we know that All the depressed people are always losing their feeling of control until they don’t know how to differentiate between their memory data and their imagination.

The greater depression is embedded into someone’s memory data, the greater hole will gnaw their power of hope, depression can't be neutralized with giving a reward but it can be neutralized with associated with good people's idea, the depression can’t be seen easily by naked eyes or it can’t be felt easily by word of mouth, depression is the state of feeling sad because of lack of determination, lack of knowledge, lack of attention, lack of care, lack of love, lack of accepting advice, and lack of decisiveness. My suggestion is when people around you feel symptom of depression, you can replace their memory by giving them valuable memory and train them with busy weekday schedule in order to make them forget something bad in the past time.


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