The greatest mistake offers greatest reward

            Today I would like to talk about the greatest mistake, I am sure many of us try to avoid this treatment because we think overmuch about the opinions which may come from other people’s fixed mindset, besides that we feel unease to see many records of mistakes while it's whispering us around, actually mistake is not coming when we are not good at something, mistake is allowed to come to the type of person who can’t see any opportunity or type of person who lacks of vision about doing something, so every mistake is part of guidance to get enlightenment, please remember this note; people who deliberately want to leave the mistake, their blindness will lead them to the permanent mediocrity because they never learn something.

 Making mistake is not representing mediocrity state, the reason why I say that because that’s part of life system, life is teaching us not to avoid mistake, but teaching us how to make decision and get stronger, in the reality everybody wants their dream come true but if they skip the learning process through mistake, in the end result they will feel the chronic pain because they neglect the learning process, please remember; we don’t need to be great warrior to start something because we all don’t know what will happen to the next moment, all we need to do is we just need to start something what we are facing it and behave like a great warrior who has undying passion and has the relentless drive.

Now if we see the statistic data, 75 % adult people are trying to plain a failure rather than 75% children because the adult people always magnify their feeling of proud and skip the mistake process, in fact children always behave like the blindness man who doesn’t know about anything in his around and children keep struggling to find a light, that’s reason children are smarter than adult people, if we realize we all are adult, why don’t follow children’s power of curiosity.

The greatest reward will not be given to the people who are always acting great all the time, the reason is feeling of proud will blockade the power of determination, so basically we are led by our own decisiveness to the career we are dreaming about, now if we look at the statistic data from the career and jobs in the world, only 5%  agree that they believe they can achieve the greatest rewards from this life, the main reason is 5% people are commitment to pursue the mistake because they think mistake is not part of mediocrity, but mistake is stepping stone how to strip away the inefficient thing and change it with new mindset how to keep walking on the right path while waiting something great.


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