Value can attract a price, but price can’t attract value

Today I would like to talk about value and price, the reason I choose that topic because many people can’t differentiate between the meaning of value and the meaning of price, if you ask me what the most important thing between value and price, I will answer the value is my top priority because value will give me knowledge, self-motivation, valid reason, decisiveness, courage, determination, integrity, honesty, sincerity, love, passion, etc. otherwise price can’t buy a value, price only can be utilized to buy the world's content like as buying the title or the degree, price can buy good stuff, price can hire manpower to do something else, that is reason why I write about value and price, at this moment we need to break false system, so we need to unlearn something wrong where since we were kid been educated or been influenced by the older people to how to think to get price, not to think about what's the important about value.

If we look at about the great impact to the next generation, it’s about 50% adult people become degradation because they are busy to seek the price, not seek the value, here is the important thing; if we only look for a price for fulfilling our everlasting life, we all equal with the world’s content, it has size, height, weight, but in the end we all become the worthless human being, well, roughly speaking we can’t be associated with the world’s content for everlasting life because that’s not making us recognized as the Almighty God’s best creature in this universe, please keep in mind;  life is not designed to serve what we need for satisfaction, life is designed to serve what we deserve is righteous, for example, boss says; you deserve to take a rest after you complete your hard work.

Value can’t be attracted with the worldly stuff because value is priceless but when we possess the power of hope, we deserve to win everything to get price, so basically we don’t need to rush ourselves to get price, life has the mathematical system, so let the life’s system works for us and let the life calculates our hard work, we don’t bother to wait something uncertainty in the future, we only need to deepen our product value like sharpen our commitment, believe with the long process, believe with the justice, do what the best thing we can do.

In the life term; success and failure are associating in the right time, success can’t be obtained when we don’t deserve failure, that’s fair system, whether we like or we don’t like about the life system, that’s not our authorization to change it, life system will follow us when we committed to fulfill the life system’s requirement, hopefully this article will help you to attain your inner value.


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