What is difference between a fixed and growth mindset

Today I would like to share about difference between a fixed and growth mindset, the reason I choose that topic because many people’s mindset are trapped in one model and most of them can’t differentiate between how to think and how to determine a decision or what they need to do with the thing, if we look at the word fix and growth, they have walked on different path, now I will share what’s definition of the fixed mindset, fixed mindset means the kind of particular mind when it always neglecting about new changes, new model, new capacity, new opportunity and it always influences people’s behavior to do something in the ordinary level, the fixed mindset users believe they can live normally with the features they build, the fixed mindset users always feel comfortable with the standard, it is meaning (No risk, No harm, No competition and No pain).

In addition the fixed mindset users don’t believe about the future’s plan because they consider what they do in every day’s circumstance tends to their expectation’s result, meaning the qualification will be the same with yesterday’s momentum, in my opinion, fixed mindset indicates the ambition model is always getting older, not getting better, in this point I would like to remind you, the fixed mindset user will be repenting when tomorrow’s direction is changing from the expectation point, the main reason is they believe expectation will be answering all their doubt and relieve what they fear, but in fact their expectation’s result will destroy their power of hope, please remember the fixed mindset users are always doing more, not better, that means the more they are doing the less they are having, I think that’s enough to talk about the fixed mindset.

Now I would like to share about the growth mindset, the growth mindset means the kind of particular mind which always influences people to feel nothing special, feel don’t know, feel emptiness and feel absurdity or irrational thinking, the principle of growth mindset is always open-minded, means always learning, re-learning and doing the repetitive roaming, besides that the growth mindset always tell people to accept mistake, accept new opportunity, accept the blame, accept the risk, accept the life’s treatment like the unjustified acceptance in order to give reflection whether they are doing something still relevant or irrelevant, furthermore the growth mindset users are always believing about the future’s plan, so what they do now is going to reflect to the next better qualification, the growth mindset user is always doing more productive and more differently rather than other people who just are doing something what they can do.


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