What’s difference between doing more and doing better?

Today I would like to talk about the difference between doing more and doing better, the reason I choose that topic because many people in the world are trapped by their own mindset until they can’t differentiate between progress and stagnancy, the main problem is most of people are just following the lifestyle trend and the majority’s rule which have been validated by society, so my purpose to say that thing because I want to invite the readers to contemplate together with me about the difference between doing more and doing better, longtime ago i had seen myself as a victim and i always felt as prisoner in jail.

At that time I couldn’t understand how to interpret the meaning of doing better and doing more, for my opinion they are having same purpose namely achieve the target, but the main difference between them are lies at the interval, please remember, doing better definitely getting more information to improve what they can’t improve in the long time period on the other hand they can improve what they can improve in the short time period, that’s philosophy of meaning of doing better, whereas doing more doesn’t create a better result because doing more is doing the single repeated process and it will end with the satisfaction, if we can’t differentiate between doing more and doing better, our career will be disarray and we will go to the comfortable zone where it doesn’t offer hope and also it doesn’t offer a better future.

I would like to give you the characteristic between better and more, doing more always tighten our physical movement and tighten our mentality to feel the insecure thing like we are pushed to follow the target by needing more time, more extra physical power and more strategy to overcome the issue but all series will end in the same standard not higher, unwittingly we are educated to be living in that target parameter for everlasting, whereas the purpose of doing better is we must raise our standard by improving the mindset, accepting the challenge, taking the risk, embracing the failure, unlearning the bad habit, having strong commitment to upgrade the inefficient method and relearning how to learn about a new thing until we no longer need the leisure time to focus on the single target only.

That all my explanation how to make better decision right now, we are not going to change until we have improved something unnecessary, we can’t depend all problem to other people because problem is not always becoming disaster because of the part of problem is trying to keep you away from the unnecessary thing which may delay our future career, once again i share to you, if you focus by doing more, one day you are doing less but if you focus by doing better, the better zone area can lift you up to the higher position in career.


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