Why commitment is so important

prioritize the most important thing is part of discipline

Today I would share about the reason why commitment is so important, we all know that commitment is having same meaning with make a promise, but in the end result; the commitment’s word further ahead rather than only make a promise, the commitment usually motivates person to keep going towards in the long term period and the commitment helps human to discipline the body and mind to follow the journey although there are many obstacles ahead otherwise make a promise is part of dedication in one line process, i will show you the reality; when someone has committed to do something, he will sacrifice his valuable time and he stays focus to chase the target until he fulfills the target, furthermore he will not to stay away from the target because he knows the target will change his mindset and improve his particular mistake, besides that the committed person will not compromise by making any excuses because he knows making an excuse will postpone his mentality growth, so basically the committed person is very powerful because he possesses the source of power from the universe.
brain works harder to make commitment

Remember this note, the commitment characteristic will not approach to the bad guy’s characteristic because bad guy always depends on the courage during doing crime, not depending on commitment, the bad guy will not get a valuable feedback plus he becomes worthless person, the reason is the bad guy is unable to go forward his life, instead he goes backward, means he goes to the darkness area where there’s no hope in there and there is no revelation, finally he will feel frustrated, feel anxiety because of his crime.

The power of commitment can’t be detached by anything valuable in this life because the power of commitment are variety of meaningful usage; indeterminate, indestructible, irreplaceable, undying, tireless and invincible. No man can possess the power of commitment except someone who strives hard to accomplish the target without abandoning it before due date, the committed guy never makes an excuse to stay away from the target because he knows staying commitment is part of happiness, and happiness equals to the every stage of progress, the last reason the committed guy is so powerful because he will not feel quarreling between himself and his obsession during completing the mission process.
Journey of commitment

The power of commitment doesn’t need the external persuader to do the mission because the power of commitment is source of energy, it can sustain and support whatever the human wants so badly, besides that the power of commitment can multiply human's idea and shape human's personality to become discipline, please take a note; no can be great person in the world except he can discipline to make big difference between where he started something difficult at the first time until he already posted his position to the highest career. Hopefully this article will help you to drive up your personality and fuel your emotion to go to the bright future you want it so bad.


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