Why our commitment becomes product?

Today I would like to talk about reason why our commitment becomes product, the first thing we should do to measure our commitment is doing something we want to build in our dream, if we talk about dream, we need to make basic foundation before we execute a plan, the first reason why not everyone wants to build their dreams because they train their mental muscles to be afraid of making change since childhood, the second reason is they train their mental muscles to be afraid of facing the risk since childhood, no wonder many adult people plan to fail at the first career because they haven’t trained their special ability and they intend to blame the circumstance rather than blame himself, the main support how to build strong commitment is starting to build your strong conviction and starting to choose your strong reason.

The strong commitment is coming from the power of mental muscles, before we plan to make strong commitment, we must identify how important your dream toward other people’s respond, the first best respond is there are many people are waiting to see your product based on your creativity result, at this point we must acknowledge our creativity is nothing more important until we are collecting a feedback from other people around us, so every feedback is the most important clue how to promote your commitment to become solid product.

The advantage of feedback is helping you how to improve your innermost ability to see any opportunity around you and a feedback helps how to grow your mentality power during accomplish something in the daily activity, beside that we need to make the ritual to keep us doing in the right path, the evidence of your ritual is there’s something great within your mind, it tells you to keep doing something what you love to create a different impact, not just make ordinary result, if you want to get the strongest impact from your revolution, you have committed to forget about your own interest until you don’t want to quit serving your greatest masterpiece to other people, that’s important clue how you to keep maintaining your mentality from type of risk in this life, 

I remind you, don’t just wait the revolution to change your lifestyle because your time is against the clock, you need to believe something you haven’t imagined before and do what you can do to approach your commitment, because one day your result of commitment will lift you to the higher career, hopefully this article will open your eyes and widen your gaze to determine the best thing you need to meet.


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