If you want to find, you must search

Today I would like to talk about how to maintenance our personality to  keep searching new thing where we will never met before, it's about searching the enlightenment in this life, the reason I choose the topic because many of us always forget about our mission in this life, that's why I would like to invite your personality to be new guy for every single day, time is very important because it’s becoming as the top asset, many people’s mindset were trapped in the past because they just believed the last effort was part of best performance, in my opinion, this mindset belongs to fixed mindset, not growth.

To get enlightenment in this life, we must obey the universe’s rule, we are not allowed to make wrong accusation or against it, universe teaches us to keep learning new thing because universe offers enlightenment to improve our personal character, we can’t make a better life if we just rely on something in the past, yesterday was part of history and it's never become new story in our new days, please remember yesterday never create a new story because yesterday was used to store our result and result will never change or determine the life rule in the future, result is used to compare which best version of ourselves from one time to another one, the only thing we can do in this life is digging your well to draw as much as water to flow your reality with your greatest potential, water is like the human potential and it’s ubiquitous, it’s ready to be activated at anytime.

If we want to improve our personality, we are not allowed to make judgment at the first line because problem will never accept our excuses except we keep persistent to find the resources to minimize the impact of problem, besides that magnifying an excuses will not change circumstance, please remember the reality doesn’t need about your judgment at all, whether you like it or not with the circumstance treatment, only you will determine which best version of lesson you will take at that time, the life says if human being stops growing up and stop to search new thing, human will not never make wisdom in the rest of their life.

The reason why all human being are being requested by the universe to keep learning because life will never stop teaching, Almighty GOD wants us to follow his wisdom by following the universe's rule, that's secret how to keep peace and keep prospering, besides that universe will offers the assistance to help you how to unlock your unlimited wealth in order to change your destiny, please remember; in order to live in this life, we must create something different to accept the uncomfortable thing which may come to welcome us in the new way, the reason why we must be different  in every single day rather than other people because human being are not born to be good stuff or becoming an accessories, but it’s part of best masterpiece in the eye of almighty GOD, we are limited edition, we have holy duty to bring peace and lighten the revelation.

Don’t become VIP’s empty seat

Today I would like to talk about how to keep observing about our potential, the reason I write down this because I give you another point of view how to be VIP person, to become VIP person, we can't just let making the life circumstance becoming comfortable in our version, but we need to offer service for other people so they will reveal something benefit from us, the man who admire in his inner potential world, he will become VIP empty seat, if he stays focus how to offer better world for many people, other people will become VIP empty seat and he will become VIP, from now I invite your inner potential to truthfully express about yourself, imagine when all of your potential are needed by all people the world, you will not become the castaway person anymore because your potential already become a solid guarantee to represent your entire career.

When you know the advantage how to become VIP person, you already step ahead in the future because you realize how to be big team in chasing career, the first thing we should learn is behold your masterpiece and train your masterpiece to solve as many as problem, the more you take risk, the more opportunity you will find a way to build solution, so if you want to build for your own luck, you have to keep observing about problem and provide some resources of information, although we don’t know what career will pursuit us, we must use out of the box's method to measure how much possibility which may appears and increase our potential, we must focus on the possibility which may alter our method to the next problem, sometimes almighty GOD wrap the reward with new problem, and every problem lies opportunity to evolve and not all opportunity offers problem, the important thing is demonstrate your greatest effort until it will stop promote about yourself .

I am sure everybody wants to be VIP person but why most people are failed in the same post, because they don’t want to evolve their potential in everyday and they just repeat the unproductive mistake and say “I am not talented, I am not in good luck and I am not meticulous for opportunity”, please remember; when you say something bad that you have put it into your mind, you always be mediocre as always, beware of what you are saying to yourself  because your subconscious mind will record and give the result back into your conscious mind.

If you want to become VIP person to yourself, you have to forget what you did in the past and start new thing when you haven't tried before, please remember no matter how great you were in the past, your accomplishment in the past didn’t determine your future, the reason why we must forget the past because the yesterday always taught us how to become an intellectual snob and teach us how to stay longer in one barrel where it will not give us good lesson except we will get new recesion.

People who always memorize the yesterday’s event, when they dwelt longer in yesterday event, their time will eat their value, they unwittingly taught themselves how to become VIP’s empty seat and they will never tried to sit in VIP seat because they  insist to prioritize the human's comfortable feeling as the main goal, please remember, passion is not growing up in the short term effort, so we must get up and do something better as the top priority, if we stop growing up, our faith will be the same ending like the rock in the mountain and it’s always live stagnancy in the one place and perish by itself.

Money will enslave your potential, but creativity will enslave money

Today I would like to talk about how to prevent our emotional feeling from satisfaction, some people consider satisfaction will determine big result, I guess it doesn’t work, the reason satisfaction doesn’t determine a big result because feeling of satisfaction is not targeting the long term result, but it offers human to take the short term result and forget the opportunity ahead, to set primary goal, we need to dispose our satisfaction first because satisfaction and perseverance can’t work together to achieve and pursue the higher standard.

Please be watchful with something you followed because your commitment will guide you to the next process, even though you are doing smallest action, it will determine your big result whether it's going to fail your career or succeed your career, keep flourishing your good commitment is the only way how to grow up your self-potential, when you are being entrusted to do something greater than most people do, you will be driven with your commitment to do different thing where the ordinary people can’t enter it,  so if you want to change your career, all you need to do is keep searching something where it stops you to evolve, money will stop your creativity to evolve, so keep observing until you no longer introduce yourself with expectation.

Please remember; small job is only mandated to the small people and great job is not mandated to the type of people who always feel sorry about themselves, people who are always getting satisfied with short term satisfaction, they will never meet with longevity and happiness in longest period, the reason is because they are always worrying about upcoming big risk and upcoming big opportunity, please remember; big loss are not determined with amount the money you lost, but big loss are part of losing single of  opportunity and losing the promotion for your biggest ideas.
money will enslave your potential, but creativity will enslave money

 Every stage of life are always demanding the different you from one to place to another one, the main reason why life is always demanding you such thing because that’s guarantee process which is offered by life to the human who wants to get longevity and prosperous life, so beware of what do you pursuit because the following items will insist you to keep going and dictate of your action.

Every determination will unlock your creativity, so when you keep hungry by digging your perseverance to gain the power of imagination, you will create new knowledge for your next accomplishment, on the other hand if you are satisfied with small result, the biggest potential can’t be seen and also it can't touched by you because your satisfaction will oppose your inner potential, my advice to you; don’t chase the amount of money at the first priority because money is always slowing your creativity motion and also it will blockade your potential to evolve. No matter how hard you keep struggling than you expect, in the middle process until the end journey, you will not be disappointed with the end result because your inner world will always give you new direction to the unlimited resources, but if you are easily be satisfied with small result, you will taste disappointment for your rest of life.

Negativity can’t thrive by itself


Today I would like to talk about the negativity’s movement, the reason I write down about it because I would like to let you know that negativity is inactive when human’s decisiveness is inactive, otherwise negativity will be active when you harvest the seed of negativity within yourself, the negativity knows when you need something benefit, but you fail to realize that every negativity guides you to the positive area when you keep persistent to employ the negativity, that’s rule, negativity energy is always silent and stay in one place area, negativity power can grow rapidly when you are angry and when you do not stop complaining about the life treatment.

Negativity is like a sea level, you can’t empty the sea water’s level because it’s always abundance, all we need to do is making our mind and heart drifted with something stronger and bigger to protect us from drowning into water’s depth, here is the important thing; the purpose of negativity is not aiming people’s life to be destroyed or to be weakened but negativity is teaching us how to unlock positive mindset through facing insurmountable problem in our daily routine activity.

The negativity can’t grow by itself, it’s waiting our decisiveness to evolve, negativity power can grow faster when we fertilize it with our anger, complaining a lot, disgraceful, cheating, swindle, etc. but if we stop focusing about ourselves and start to do something useful to other people, the negativity power becomes neutral and start to support the positive energy to come and approach us, for the most important thing is negativity can grow bigger automatically when we lose self-control.

So starting from now, we must train our mindset to appreciate the smallest blessing within our life although we may not like it about the treatment, we can start to utilize our potential energy like learning how to make composite of idea, activating our emotional intelligent every day like retention, consistency and discipline, please remember; person who usually does the right thing without doubt and person who never doubts when other people are starting to doubt, He will become invincible a person for everlasting time because negativity power only defeat a doubtful people.

 Please remember; we will never be satisfied if we just depend on a lot of positive energy because the successful people always tame negative mindset and fertilize the positive mindset altogether, the key to tame the negativity is build new personality to lock the negativity and change it into the perseverance power all the time, please take a note; all we need to do in this life is do something what we can control, and don’t stress with something that we can’t control it, if we insist, we will lose the value of the time.

Negativity is not threat, its sign of carefulness

Today I would like to talk about negativity, the reason I choose that topic because I want to reopen the old education and renew it with new mindset, as we know most people consider negativity is always bringing bad thing, in fact no one can succeed to interpret the negativity in one night, that’s why I would like to give new point of view how to understand the negativity.

Negativity is not created to let people’s life becomes weak, but negativity is created to prepare better life for human’s welfare, Almighty GOD doesn’t create something wrong although many people doubt with Almighty GOD’s wisdom, He creates negativity which is intended to teach people how to be stronger, He lays upon problem to empower human being to keep evolving until the negativity season is no longer blossoming.

No one knows about the reason why Almighty GOD creates Negativity, but in the end result our mind is always twisted with our minor opinion, negativity’s power can’t be separated with positive’s power because both are working together to create the uncommonly direction to every human’s life so if you ask me how to judge about negativity, I will say “don’t ever try to judge negativity for your everlasting life because you will absorb more negativity within yourself, as human being all we need to do is keep upgrading our life by training ourselves everyday how to solve problem, please remember; when you consider a problem as it’s not problem, your life is getting evolved because you succeed employing the negativity’s power and positive power within you, so if you see negativity, don’t judge problem as problem but employ it until negativity’s power will work together with positive power in order to support what do you want to prove.
positive and negative like a water in the glass

 In the reality, many people consider the negativity is inviting the dangerous thing, and harm to the individual person, I know the reason why people says such thing because they don’t know about its function, most people are educated to live secure and consider the negativity as bad influence in their logical thinking, in my opinion that’s a normal mind, in the positive mindset; negativity can’t be thought as the mathematical problem, but negativity is sign of carefulness and it is telling to the human being to be ready and prepare what they need to prepare because one day we will need a problem to upgrade our career in this life, start from now we can change our mindset and consider all the things happen in this life will be awesome.

How to Face your Fear

Today I would like to talk about How to face your fear in our life, the reason I choose that topic because I want to share how to manipulate our idea to think better, not rethink what we have known beforehand, it’s very surprising if you want to spend your time to contemplate in this moment how to face your own fear, we all know everybody will keep distance away from what they have done to fear, but in fact everybody always pay something to make their fear bigger than they imagine before, that’s reason they can’t stay away from the fear because they have done something prohibited, based on the statistic data, most people in the world are doing something they have known and do what they have learned from the education system how to earn money only but they have not been educated how to live together with their fearfulness, most people do not try to find the clearest way how to be affectionate and choose living together with the fear without attaining it in your mindset.

Please remember the fear is not part of threat, but it’s the sign of carefully how to think better and observe what you need to pursue, I give you an example, if you are afraid of lack of money, you don’t need to make money by exchanging with your time being, you just need to make money by exchanging as many as people who trust about what you can do for them, do what make you please to do and ensure what you have done will bring benefit to others and also profitable for yourself, we can’t depend all the time being to people who just give you some money, it’s under threat, there’s another way; you can depend all your time being to creativity which you can do something valuable to people who can’t make profit to yourself, if you keep doing it into your daily activity, you’re going to feel better and your feeling of fear will turn into passion for everlasting.

To face our fear, we can’t avoid it continually because feeling of worry and fear are part of the ultimate power, both of them are going to be active when we are entering into insecure area such as working at company until people don’t have holiday to refresh their mindset, so I would give you a suggestion; before you choose how to live happily ever after, you need to secure your fear by doing what you want to serve in publicity, that's prerequisite to turn your fear into power, please remember; you can’t be rich until you have something that money can’t buy your creativity and your time being.

What’s important to make new mistake

Today I would like to talk about what’s important to make new mistake, we all know some people consider making too much mistakes are making other people feel disrespected, in fact making new mistake is part of progression, not making recession, if we compare with someone who is waiting the result or waiting progress, making new mistake in career is better than keeping waiting something important because every new result depends on every little progress, that’s law, no one can be valued as successful people if they skip the progress or skip the program series how to act and how to learn.

Every accomplishment can’t be skipped by avoiding a mistake or avoiding the momentum because if we deliberately avoiding the mistake, one day we will be waited by new mistake, more mistake and worst mistake, so there is a good news for type of person who always be persistent by learning something new, the good news what I mean is human being will be given a priceless knowledge when other people don’t have it yet.

We must remember this universe is too large to be learned, we will not know something different from this universe if we keep doing same thing over and over again, we will realize something if we make new mistake, that Almighty GOD’s guarantee method how to teach human being and rescue human being for making worse mistake in the future, here is the important thing; every mistake has limited time to disturb the human being until people realize something missing and the worst mistake will come and approach to the type of people who always avoid mistake and prioritize how to satisfy himself with his perfectionist life.

So we must understand the philosophy of mistake at the first time, we can’t download a mistake when Almighty GOD doesn’t approve it and we can download mistake when Almighty GOD allows us to earn a mistake. so don’t be afraid to make a mistake because it’s part of lovely treatment, mistake is part of message from Almighty GOD to human being, mistake is not part of the punishment and the real punishment is Almighty GOD doesn’t show us how large our mistake in this life, life will give a guarantee when people are willingly to use their time being to learn and improve what they need to improve, the real career in this life is not looking what you want to search, but looking what you haven’t built it yet.

How to improve own belief

Today I would like to talk about how to improve own belief, the reason i choose the topic because many people's mindset are trapped with dogma without knowing whether it's right or wrong, some people say every belief will guide to the new future but it hasn't been proved yet, to start a new thing in the beginning of journey, we need to leave the unproductive habit and improve the way of life, the first thing we should prepare is clearing our vision and flourishing own mindset with the truthfulness information where it can't be created by human being, the second thing we should prepare is leaving the unsuccessful paradigm. if we want to start learning a new thing, we must possess 3 things; new habit, new mindset, new belief and a new philosophy, the reason why we must possess them because they are part of biggest revolution which may leads us to the new life, the meaning of new life is the way of life where it offers an opportunity to improve what we need to improve and stop resisting what we can’t improve.

I will give you example how to improve what we need to improve; you may say “I believe what I can do right now will bring to the bright future” in my opinion that’s wrong belief because we are not authorized to determine the future time and we can’t run any events may happen in the near future, in my opinion that idealism always gives spark of problem and it will reborn new problem in our future’s time. If we want to change our belief, we need to make critical question to ourselves such as “I don’t know what kind of gift I will receive from the future, soon or later my action will be waited by mistake, but when I successfully encourage myself to make new mistake, soon or later I will understand something better, here's the message of life; when people do something regularly, life will not attract you with something unusual, because life is not interested with something usual, something great can’t be started when we do something usual and we keep doing what we only can do, life is waiting  us when we are interested how to improve what other people don’t want to improve”.

the most frustrated feeling is when we want to improve something what we can't improve, and we hope tomorrow’s time will improve our belief in the past time, please remember; if we keep trusting what we can’t trust, that belief will alter human feeling to start frustrated for long time. The key how to change ourselves is starting to enhance the knowledge and keep our emotion to feel never good enough, means our emotional intelligent must be hungry with the life education, life education system is always teaching human being by producing something new where we don’t know about its function, our belief can’t get stronger when we don’t keep good relationship with good habit, good habit is always keeping you inspired and it will let you to apply what you know about the reality life, that’s logical thinking how to change our belief.

Good Habit is always preventing you to keep doing something irrelevant with good career in the future, to dispose bad habit, we need to sharpen new habit by doing repetition until we no longer need our oldest lesson. Please remember; we can’t create the strongest belief without attaining the certain drive in our mindset, the certain drive means we will keep using a valuable gift from the almighty GOD to improve our necessity the first gift is discipline, the second gift is strong desire and the third gift is imagination, please take a note; without activating three of them, we can’t create new decision, we can’t create the strongest belief,we can’t create new habit,finally our destiny will be stuck in the past time, that’s rule.

What difference between the uneducated and the educated habit

Today, I would like to share how to differentiate between the educated habit and the uneducated habit, the reason I choose that topic because most people don’t know how to differentiate between the educated habit and the uneducated habit, at this moment I would like to share how to recognize them from the bottom of mindset, if we see based on the word “uneducated” means it’s out of control, it’s cruel, it’s indifferent, it’s egoism, it’s unnatural, it’s out of evil and it’s out of rage, please remember this; the uneducated habit usually keeps you doing something irrelevant from your target or your dream, the uneducated habit usually prevents you to achieve the target although you are in busy work, another words  you are busy for meaningless purpose.

 The educated habit is the part of the greatest resources which they always support what people need and support what people plan for the future, besides that the educated habit can empower the human creativity to evolve in every single day without any procrastination and also the educated habit will guarantee when people do something although it’s difficult and seemingly impossible, in the end the educated habit will turn something from unreachable becomes reachable.

The educated habit always tells people to discipline, do more valuable and although they are not being paid by the other people by now, the evidence of educated habit always tells people how to modify the contingency plan, the educated habit always neglects the unimportant excuse such as being busy person, going out of town etc. please remember; the small and moderate people always create the unstoppable excuse, otherwise the great people always give the priceless service to the other people such as giving the enlightenment.

The uneducated habit always invites the uneducated people to do something comfortable in the beginning of time but the in the end their busy always ends up regret, so all circumstances in this life can be decided by managing the people’s emotional intelligent, before we enter and activate the new habit, we must know what’s the risk and how’s important these things, the only thing we can do is collecting the information from people who ever struggling against their passionate and always keep flourishing the invalidation reason becomes the enormous spirit,

Good people always possess good habit and the most successful people are always having more free time to evolve because they know to build the educated habit is not easy, they need more time to improve, this terminology also validates to the uneducated people and the uneducated habit is always telling people to store the repeated disorder mindset, on the other hand the educated habit is always telling people how to produce the idea.